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Who to Invite to Your Wedding?

> Flowchart Knowledge > Who to Invite to Your Wedding?
Posted by James Freeman | 10/31/2019
For many couple-to-be, deciding who to invite to their wedding is a tough question. The "who to invite" flowchart will solve your headache problem and help you make a wedding guest list quickly.

Deside Who to Invite to Your Wedding

Decide Who to Invite to your Wedding Flowchart

Make wedding guest list

Drafting your guest list (part of wedding plan) is one of the first steps after you get engaged. However it is not as easy as it sounds. Compiling a wedding guest list can be particularly complicated; you may be worried about offending someone because of not inviting him. However, only if you figure out the categories of your guests, you can deal with this problem easily. The pictures on the right and below are the "who to invite" flowchart.

What are the categories of the guest list?

1.Family - immediate / extended.
2. Friends that can be broken down even further.
3. High school, college / graduate school
4. Neighborhood based.
5. Friends of friends.
6. Co-Workers.
7. Religious friendships
8. Hobbyist friends

How to decide who to invite to your wedding?

Most often, the designers have to select shapes before you can do other things, such as move, rotate, or resize shapes. In Edraw, you can select several shapes at a time, by area, with the lasso tool, or select all the shapes on the page.

Design Your Dream List.

When you start building your list, write down everyone you could ever imagine attending your wedding, from old camp friends to that funny third cousin you met once at a family reunion. And, just for this part, take your budget and venue out of the equation. Sure, you'll have to do some trimming later on, but first, think big.

Be Realistic About the Number of Guests

Crunching the numbers isn't the most exciting part of the wedding planning, but this is a digit you really can't avoid: your guest list count. Your budget and venue size are the two main factors that should play into this decision. Each guest adds to the number of plates your caterer will prepare, favors, chair rentals and amount of cake you'll need to pay for. Choose a number that's larger than your venue's capacity and you'll be holding your breath every time you open an RSVP. It's much better to keep your number on the conservative side, and then, if there's room in the budget or you end up having more space than you thought, add later on.

Don't Feel Obligated to Invite Co-WorkersDecide Who to Invite to your Wedding Flowchart

Don't feel obligated to invite co-workers because, after all, you may not work with them six months after the wedding. Remember, no hanging invitations on workplace bulletin boards! If your budget allows, you can follow the unwritten rule that says to invite the co-workers and business acquaintances you socialize with outside of work. However, inviting everyone on your team except one person isn't appropriate.

Consider Your Wedding Type

Determining whether to invite children can be tough. Before you make the decision, consider the type of wedding you're having. If it's a black tie affair and your reception begins in the evening, you may have to deal with a few meltdowns as children become tired. If you're having a casual garden wedding in the early afternoon and your motto is the more the merrier, by all means, invite children.

After you finally make your wedding guest list, it is time to consider your wedding seating plan arrangement. One more thing, you may learn to choose dresses for flower girls and make wedding planning checklist here. Also, read how to create a career planning mind map here.

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