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Country Flags - Vector Flags of All Countries

> Edraw Symbol > Country Flags - Vector Flags of All Countries
Posted by James Freeman | 02/17/2022
National flag clip arts for all countries in the world with high resolution. Vector country flags available to edit and insert in word/ppt/excel, or export as editable SVG file.

Vector Country Flags - Easy to Use!

Most people who are searching for country flagswilleventuallydownload(saveas)themandreuseintheirowndocuments.Insteadofsavingthoseimagesonebyone,hereyouhaveashortcuttogetalltheflagsfromtheworldjustbyonetimedownload.It's actually a program with build-in vector flag clip arts, as the picture shows below.

With this program, you can easily manage and use the country flags as the way you like. For example, you can zoom in a flag and without losing its clarity; you can add annotation with customizable fonts; and you can easily align and distribute the flags through the drawing interface, which is very practical in making teaching sheets.

Once you finish your creation, it's easy to export the file to PDF, Word, PPT, JPG, PNG, and many other file formats.

Use Country Flags

Free Download Edraw Software and View All Clip Art

Royalty Free Flags

All the country flags are drawn by Edraw. Once you download our program, all the flags will be free to use, print, and share.

How to Export a Single Flag

If you just need one flag, you need to drag the flag on the canvas and scale to the size you want. Then click Export & Save at File tab and choose a graphic exporting format (for e.g. JPG format). From the pop-up window choose "Export Selected Shape", then you successfully export a single flag to a graphic format file.

Export A Single Flag

The Large Country Flag Library

Edraw includes more than 160 national flags. Flexible to use, you can insert them in other diagrams or you can use them to make flash cards when teaching students about different flags.

Country Flag Library

Country Flag Application Examples

You can apply these national flags in your presentation, documentation, diagrams and so on. Far example, teacher can use these flag symbols to design some simple flash cards. These flashcards can help students recognize different countries' national flags as wee as some words.

Flag Flash Card
Flag Flash Card 2

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