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How to Convert a Mind Map to MS Word Document Quickly

> Edraw How-To > How to Convert a Mind Map to MS Word Document Quickly
Posted by Allison Lynch | 06/28/2021

Converting a mind map to MS word document can be done effortlessly when you use a smart diagram application which is compatible with Word. This feature enables people to share their visual diagrams through Word conveniently.

This article will take how to export a mind map to MS word document as an example to show the detailed steps for conversion. You can also try to export mind maps to other formats like this way.

Procedures to Convert Mind Map to Word

There are four steps to convert a mind map to word with Edraw Mind Map

Step 1.Run Edraw Mind Map.

Step 2.Click Open to open a mind map template or create a new one.

Open a Mind Map

Step 3.Go to File >Export & Send, select office > Word.

Export Mind Map to Word

Step 4.Browse your computer and choose a location to save your excel file.

Then you have exported a mind map to MS word document successfully with just clicks in seconds. Below is a exported word example.

Exported Word

Features of Edraw Mind Map

Edraw Mind Map, as one of the most popular mind map makers, stands out from various software on the markets because of its following feature

  1. Thousands of clip art for you to drag and drop on order to make mind maps more attractive.
  2. Various Clip Art

  3. Preset themes enables you to change different mind map themes with just a click.
  4. Preset Mind Map Themes

  5. Smart button “Add Multiple Topic” saves your lots of time without adding topics one by one.
  6. Add Multiple Topic

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