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Perfect vector-based clip art drawing software with lot's of office clip art! Easy to draw clipart and free download.

Vector Office Clip Art

Edraw Max includes lots of clip arts. Just enjoy illustrating all your professional and personal projects with this easy to use software. You'll be able to personalize your business cards, greetings cards, header paper, menus, website and many more!

Free Download Edraw Software and View All Clip Art

Clip Art - Office

The following office clip art templates contain some office shapes such as file folder, scratchpad, notebook, tablet, important file, report, laptop, xerox, printer, scanner, fax, telephone, screen, calculator etc.

Clip Art - Office

More Office Clip Art

The following office clip art templates contain some office shapes such as clue, scissors, pencil, pen, clip, protractor, cutter, office clock, letters, lock, chair, trash bucket etc.

More Office Clip Art

It's easy to adjust the color scheme for the clip art in Edraw. Every clipart is drawn with Edraw Software, so you can choose the sub-element in the clip art to recolor it.

Office Clip Art - New Style

A great source for those who need to add cliparts in their presentations, websites, work reports, blogs and more. All school cliparts are in vector format and royalty free.

More Office Clipart

Diagrams Made with Office Clipart

The above diagrams are created by Edraw. Click the thumbnail pictures to view large versions or download them. You can also use Edraw to design more beautiful flash cards for fun teaching and learning.

More Free Vector Clip Art

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