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Provides some visual representation symbols of chemical laboratory glassware including beaker, tube, gas jar, condenser, flask, etc..

The following table lists some basic chemistry laboratory glassware symbols in our scientific illustration software.

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Name Laboratory Symbol Alternate Symbol
Beaker Breaker
Gas Jar Gas Jar
Trough Trough
Flask flat bottomed flask flasks
Tube u tube Tubes
Pear-shaped Flask pear-shaped flask pear-shaped
Canula canula
Liebig Condenser Liebig Condenser
Measuring Cylinder Measuring Cylinder
Burette Acid Burette Alkaline Burette
Condenser condenser
Kipp's Apparatus Kipp's Apparatus Kipp Apparatus
Funnel Separator Funnel Funnels
Desiccator Desiccator
Bidirectional Tube Bidirectional Tube

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