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The 5 Elements Theory helps us re-integrate ourselves back into the natural world. This page provides you with 5 elements theory chart templates. Read this article to establish a close relationship with nature.

The 5 Elements Theory - Definition

Originated in ancient China, the 5 Elements Theory is used to help people re-integrate themselves back into the natural world, thus understand our relationships with the seasons, their emotions, their health, and ultimately with themselves and their society. The five elements consist of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, corresponding respectively with emotions, tastes, flavors,Yin Yang organs and senses etc.

Although the theory has always been applied into traditional Chinese medical treatment, it is not a proven scientific theory. Generally speaking, stay rational toward the 5 Elements theory, and use it as a guide rather than a doctrine. Taking the theory into appropriate use, you will find a new world where you are closely linked to the nature and better understand who you are and how best to live in the world.

The 5 Elements Theory Chart - Templates

The following are some editable 5 Elements Theory chart templates made by Edraw diagram software. Click on the picture to download them for free. You can edit the template as you like - change the elements, fonts, colors and layouts etc.

5 Elements Theory Chart - Planets

The following template shows a cross-reference relationship between Five Elements and objects surrounding us. The planets entry of the Five Elements table shows that Wood is related Jupiter, Fire is related to Mars, Earth is related to Saturn, Metal is related to Venus and Water is related to Mercury.

5 Elements Theory Chart - Planets

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5 Elements Theory Chart - Organs

Look at the template as follow, it's easy to infer that these organs are linked as an organization internally and they influence each other interactively. If there's something wrong with your lung, you may need a heath exam on your heart.

If you want to use the following 5 elements chart template for your health, you can simply click on the image to download for free. With Edraw, you can draw any style of turtle diagram you like.

5 Elements Theory Chart - Organs

5 Elements Theory Chart - Senses

From this template , we can tell that the five elements corresponds with our Senses:

  • Fire (Heart) – corresponds with our Tongue
  • Earth (Spleen) – corresponds with our Mouth
  • Metal (Lung) – corresponds with our Nose
  • Water (Kidneys) – corresponds with our Ears
  • Wood (Liver) – corresponds with our Eyes
5 Elements Theory Chart - Organs

According to the charts above, we may deduce that if the lungs don't work well people are easily caught in colds and flu. Ill function of the kidney can cause impaired hearing. Absence of a clean liver may provoke poor eye-sight. This chart shows a simple circular relationship inside our body.


Here I would like to note that the 5 Elements Theory originates from traditional Chinses medical treatment.This article just makes a brief introduction and focuses on providing templates. This theory is for your information only, please use it as a guideline rather than a doctrine.

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