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Presented are some simple and useful methods for cause and effect analysis. Use them to analyze reasons and boost problem solving.

There are many ways to carry out cause and effect analysis. Here are 3 simple but effective methods: 5W1H, 6M and 8P method. By exploring the causes of a problem from categorized perspectives, solutions can be found out faster.

Methods for Cause Effect Analysis

5W1H Method for Cause and Effect Analysis

The simple 5W1H method (what, where, when, who, how and why) is commonly used in many areas and can also be utilized to ease the cause and effect analysis. See how to apply this method in the following table.

5WIH Method for Cause and Effect nalysis

6M Method for Cause and Effect Analysis

By dividing the reasons into 6 parts,6M method is also very effective.

6M Method for Cause and Effect Analysis

To illustrate this method better, here is a cause and effect diagram created by Edraw fishbone diagram maker. By grouping causes logically, the diagram looks neat and clear, which is very suitable for presenting the analysis result.

Result Delay Fishbone

8P Method for Cause and Effect Analysis

A business problem's causes can be analyzed from the following perspectives: Physical Evidence, Personnel, Place, Product (Service), Price, Promotion, Process, and Productivity & quality. When you carry out the problem analysis, maybe only some of these 8 factors are involved. See an example below.

Bad Tea Cause and Effect Diagram

To sum up, you can take advantage of more useful techniques to improve your cause and effect analysis. If used properly, the 5W1H, 6M and 8P methods will be of great help for problem solving.

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Using Fishbone Diagrams for Cause Analysis

Fishbone Diagram Symbols

Fishbone Diagram Examples and Templates

Cause and Effect Diagram

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