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Make Your Own Calendar that is own-exclusive to you, content-customized by you, and distinguished because of you.

What is your dreamboat calendar? A calendar costs little but values much? A calendar clearly marks everyday tasks and schedules? A calendar easy to edit, be saved and printed anytime and anywhere? A calendar changeable according to your mood, time and events in your life?

Here in Edraw Max, we can realize all your dreams listed above. Now we will introduce the software by five simple steps.

Five Steps to Make Your Own Calendar

Step 1: You need to open up an Edraw Max software, which can provide you with any customized diagrams besides calendar, such as flowchart, general, business or engineering diagrams, maps and floor plans, network, software and database etc.

Step 2: Choose a calendar from the right catalogue of templates. Click "Project Management". Then click "Calendar", and "Create" on the right side to create your own calendar like working calendar schedule, weekly task schedule etc. Existing examples below are for your reference.

Start Make a Calendar

Click here to free download Calendar Software. Then you can use the built-in symbols to make and present your calendar rapidly.

Step 3: Click "Calendar" in libraries on the left side, choose your own calendar, and drag the shape onto the drawing page.

Choose Calendar Shapes

Step 4: Edraw Max provides dozens of shapes for different uses, continually being updated.
Marking your own calendar, just by dragging marks from left libraries, such as backgrounds, symbols, icons, highlights, etc. You may even create your own symbols by drawing them out with pen or pencil tools in "Symbols" on Toolbar.

Calendar Maker

Step 5: Save your most unique calendar in a variety of formats.

The JPEG file interchange format or Adobe PDF output calendar can be used as a unique desktop for daily reminder and protect your plan from other tamper.

The scalable vector graphics output can be clearly zoomed in or out and printed, which could be more reliable than a private secretary.

Make Custom Calendar With Photos or Pictures

To make your calendar unique and more visualized, you can add some other pictures except for markers. Edraw offers you a lot of options. For examples, you can Click the Symbols title in the library pane. Drag and drop suitable symbols to the calendar to visualize your events as shown by the following picture.

Alternatively, you can insert your own photos or pictures. Switch to Insert tab, then hit on Picture. In the pop-up window, browse your target photo.

Make Own Calendar

Edraw is an easy, effective, and affordable calendar software. It can organize your daily work easily and can work with other project management tools.

The software includes lots of vector shapes and is easy to be customized. Moreover, it can link data, add events and mark your every daily schedule.

The common Word, Excel, PowerPoint format are highly compatible with most files in the market, so it has become much easier for you to revise your calendar.

Calendar Examples

Create event calendar diagrams rapidly from calendar examples and learn how to draw a professional calendar with event mark easily.

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Task schedule calendar Working calendar Month calendar of classes
Day schedule calendar month plan calendar Quarter Plan Calendar
Day schedule calendar Month plan calendar Quarter plan calendar

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