BPMN Diagram Visio Alternative for Mac

Is there a bpmn diagram maker using on Mac similar to Visio? Edraw is a popular Visio alternative for making bpmn diagram and other drawings on Mac system.

As we all know, Visio can not work on Mac. Many people are searching for BPMN diagram Visio alternative for Mac. As an excellent BPMN diagram creator, Edraw is also available on Mac OS. It's easy to use, fast and professional.

BPMN Diagram Visio Alternative

Video - The Best Cross-Platform Visio Alternative

Download BPMN Diagram Software to Create BPMN Diagram on Mac:

Visio Like BPMN Diagram Software

Edraw is a vector based diagramming software containing similar features with Visio that helps easily design BPMN diagram with built-in symbols and templates. The BPMN diagram symbols are comprehensive, accurate, and with a customizable capability available to be edited. It's rather easy to learn because the interface looks similar to Microsoft programs. With this Visio like tool, you can create nice BPMN diagrams in just minutes.

How to Create Perfect BPMN Diagram On Mac

BPMN Diagram can be easily created on Mac using Edraw. You can free download the trial version to see its powerful functions first. You will discover many practical BPMN diagram templates in the software, together with useful tutorial materials that help develop a perfect BPMN diagram smoothly.

  1. Start Edraw, open a BPMN diagram drawing page.
  2. You will see the BPMN symbols on the left of the canvas.
  3. Drag BPMN symbols and drop on any place of the canvas.
    add bpmn shapes
  4. Connect shapes and style the shapes as you like.
  5. Lay out your BPMN diagram by using grid lines and quick Align and Distribute buttons.
    align and distribute
  6. Apply a theme for professional quality result.
  7. Add a background from the Background library.
  8. Save and export the diagram.

Why Edraw is a Solid Visio Alternative for BPMN Diagram

  1. Drag-and-drop based interface to draw any kind of BPMN diagram.
  2. Pre-drawn BPMN symbols that follow the BPMN 2.0 standard.
  3. Automatic alignment for neat, crisp drawings.
  4. Effective connection of shapes with snap and glue feature.
  5. Extensive built-in themes available to choose; easy to make visually pleasing diagram.
  6. Capable in printing or sharing. Support export for PDF, Html, Word, Visio, PNG, JPG, PPT, EPS, and many other formats.
  7. Massive diagram types supported. Ready for more than 200 diagrams, more powerful than Visio.
  8. Advanced service with a much cheaper price.

Use the Software as Other Visio Alternatives for Mac:

The program is not only for BPMN diagram, but also good at floor plan, flowchart, mind map, fishbone diagram, fashion design, data flow diagram, org chart, network diagram, uml diagram, etc.