Three Basic Electrical Circuits

Basic electrical circuits use standard symbols for the components in the circuit. Understanding basic electrical circuits is of great importance nowadays.

From homes to industries, we all depend on electricity. Electric current flows in a closed electric circuit. Electric circuit is a path in which electrons from a voltage or current source flow. Grasping basic electrical circuits knowledge will greatly help you draw engineering diagrams. You may quickly and correctly draw engineering diagrams with the help of engineering diagram maker.

AC Circuit for Lamp

Basic AC electrical circuits for lamp has a cell, a lamp and a switch. To make a circuit, these components are connected together with metal connecting wires.

When the switch is closed, the lamp lights up. This is because there is a continuous path of metal for the electric current to flow around. If there were any breaks in the circuit, the current could not flow. The current flows all the way around the circuit. The cell pushes the current around the circuit. As the current passes through the lamp, it makes it light up.

AC Circuit for Lamp

Building a switched lamp circuit presents a simple electronics construction project that lets you explore the use of a simple on/off switch to control a lamp. location of a switch in a circuit often doesn't matter. There is one thing you should pay attention to that if the circuit is broken anywhere, current cannot flow, therefore, whether the switch is before or after the lamp doesn't matter.

Battery Charging Circuit

The circuitry to recharge the batteries in a portable product is an important part of any power supply design. The complexity and cost of the charging system is primarily dependent on the type of battery and the recharge time. Many people want to own a fast charging equipment without knowing its operating principle.

Battery Charging Circuit

It is important to note that fast charging can only be done safely if the cell temperature is within 10-40 ºC, and 25 ºC is typically considered optimal for charging. Fast charging at lower temperatures (10-20 ºC) must be done very carefully, as the pressure within a cold cell will rise more quickly during charging, which can cause the cell to release gas through the cell's internal pressure vent (which shortens the life of the battery).

Air Conditioning Electric Circuit

Motors for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment are special-purpose motors called hermetic,meaning they're sealed. They're sealed because they're in the same housing as the compressor and are operating in refrigerant, so their cooling and other characteristics differ from those of non-hermetic motors.

Air Conditioning Electric Circuit

The compressor and condenser fans are driven by a simple fixed speed 3 phase AC induction motor, each with its own starter and supplied from a distribution board. The air conditioning system is operated by thermostat in the living area. If multiple air handling units and compressors are installed you should find a thermostat for each area served by that equipment.

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