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Saying thank you to someone after they did something good to you is the most significant sign that you are the person that possesses good characteristics. It shows how humble you are and respects the person on their services. It makes the opposite person think good about you, your personality, and your work.

Thank you is like a prayer that expresses extreme gratitude, humility, and understanding. Saying someone thanks is more than a good characteristic. It is good spirituality.

This article will motivate you to show your gratitude in the shape of a Thank you card. We will tell you what it is, why we give it and some tips and examples related to it.

What is a Thank You Card?

The people of wisdom and knowledge cite that anyone who is too busy to say thanks gets fewer chances to say it. Saying thanks to someone is equivalent to expressing your love to someone.

So, expressing your gratitude needs more things to make it memorable, emotional, and lovely. The best way to say someone thanks is by employing a Thank you card and a gift.

thank you words

The Thank You card is a card on which you show your gratitude in the form of words. You use a Thank you card to express that you are thankful for their service and you really appreciate them and want to move with them further.

When the person is far away from you, and you cannot thank them live, the thank you card is the best tool to utilize at that time. So, always consider sending multiple things with the thank you card like the bouquet, chocolates, gifts, etc.

The standard size of the thank you card is (A2) 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. With this size of thank you card, it is easy to write your gratitude.

Thank You Card Templates of Different Types

When you start writing the thank you card, you might get confused in choosing the card's pattern, design, and format. So, in this section, we will show you different types of thank you card templates for your guidance.

Category #1: Business Thank You Card Template

Business Thank You Card

Image Source: Pinterest

You can take this template as an example of how to design a business thank you card. You get help growing your business in many shapes, so mention those services that helped your business reach the heights.

The above example contains a beautiful color and font. Try to add engagement to your thank you card by choosing the best color themes, fonts, graphics, etc. You can write the note on the back of the card but in front, always try to add graphics.

Category #2: Thank You Card Template for Customer

Thank You Card Template for Customer

Image Source: Pinterest

You can make this type of card to make your customers happy. The best practice is always to send a card that also mentions their services.

If your business has boosted exponentially, you can also send some of them with thank you cards. Or you can also send gifts with thank you cards, so they try to interact with you again.

Category #3: Wedding Thank You Card Template

Thank You Card Template for Customer

Image Source: Pinterest

A person can help you to make your wedding happen in many ways. The person can be your spouse's parents who let their child marry you or a person who stayed with you all this time to help you to make arrangements for your wedding, etc.

Try to give them the most beautiful thank you card because they made your special day more beautiful. You can see the above example of how beautiful the design and wordings are.

Category #4: Thank You Card Template for Teachers

Thank You Card Template for Teachers

A well-mannered child always shows gratitude to his teacher. It is upon the parents to always make their child say thanks to their teachers.

They can do it with the card pinned above. Also, write short notes on thank you cards for the teachers and let them know that you are writing them perfectly.

Free Thank You Card Templates

How to Get Your Thank You Card Wording Right?

This section will tell you how to write a thank you card and some tips to make it perfect and complete.

Whom to Give

Get a Thank you card and think to whom you want to say the thanks, whether they are a single person or multiple people. List down all the names of the people you want to say thanks to. Add the services they did to you individually and the corresponding names.

The Body

  • Start by saying greetings. You can use the universally accepted word Dear, or you can use the words utilized in your area.
  • Then write the feelings of gratitude in words on the card and tell them how much their service helped you.
  • After this, tell them how much you paid attention to designing this card and arranging the gifts. It will show them how much you love them.
  • Tell them that you want to see them again and after this, say your thanks in nice and lovely words.
  • Complete the note by saying the word Sincerely or With love, Many Thanks, Yours Truly, etc. Also, send gifts with the cards too.

Sending the Card

Send them your Thank you card as soon as possible after their service. It is a good practice and well-known manner.

thank you text

Tips on How to Write a Thank You Card

Follow the below tips to make your thank you card more than what you want to express.

  • Send Gifts: Along with the thank you card. It is a best practice to send gifts with it. The gift can be anything like a bouquet, chocolates, car, money, food, etc. It is a gesture that you care about them a lot.
  • Send Pictures: The best you can do is to send pictures of them standing close to you. You can also send photos of things that you get because of their services.
  • Service them back : The best of all is that you should also service them back and try to solve their problem in return for what they did to you.


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How to Design a Thank You Card at Home?

Motivate yourself to design a thank you card on the well-known diagram-making and designing software called EdrawMax . The software contains all the features that will suffice you in your diagramming project.

How to Make and Print a Thank You Card in EdrawMax

Step 1: Launch the EdrawMax either on the desktop or on the web(EdrawMax Online ). Click on the [Card] on the main window and then select the [Thank You Card] option. Then select the template of your choice and edit it with the tools provided by EdrawMax.

Open EdrawMax

Step 2: Open one of the pre-designed thank you card templates. Then you can use the pre-set symbols, formatting tools to make it beautiful and appealing. Customize the template until it meets your needs. You can try the new "Auto-formatting" function!

Open a Card Template

Step 3: Share your card with the sharing link or post it on the social media. Under the [File] section, you can import, export your project, and print it directly. Select the [Print] option. The software will directly configure the settings and print your document.

Share a Card Template

How to Get a Thank You Card Template for Word/PDF?

Once you have made your owncard, you can save and export the card to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, JPG, PNG format, etc. EdrawMax offers a number of export options for users, so that you can download and save the cards in the desired file formats. Your friends, family members or colleagues can see how nice the card is, whether they are using EdrawMax or not.

Find the [Export to Word] option and open your card in the MS Word.

Export a Card Template to Word

Find the [Export to PDF] option and open your card in the PDF viewer.

Export a Card Template to PDF

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