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Are you organizing a party and want to make everything the best? Your party can be of any type like a graduation party, birthday party, wedding, or engagement party, birthday day party, etc. You have to think and plan everything possible to make it a memorable one.

Party can be of any type, but you always start with the invitation card. The best invitation card always gives the best impression and imagination about the party to the invited people. So, you also have to pay extra attention to designing the invitation card according to the theme and topic.

In this article, we will tell you what an invitation card is and present free templates so you can take ideas from it. In the end, we will notify you of the best software on which you can design the invitation card.

What is an Invitation Card?

An invitation card is the piece of card that you give someone and permit them to come over to your place for the party or a special occasion.

These invitation cards are always given three to four weeks before the occasion, depending on the importance of the occasion or party. The more significant event, the more beautiful card

The invitation cards are made for any party or any special event. As the severity of the party increases, the invitation cards are made more attractive.

Invitation Card

The card is only given to the person you want to invite to your event, and some people give more attention to this matter and check the invitation cards of the people before the party starts. As the class of the people rises, they make more expensive invitation cards because they want to invite famous people like politicians, leaders, celebrities, and other excellencies, etc.

The general size of the invitation cards varies depending on the event. 4" x 6" & 4.25" x 6" size is for occasions like birthdays, graduation parties, christenings, etc. The 5" x 7" size is for colossal events like weddings, engagements, achievement awards, formal functions, etc.

Invitation Card Templates of Different Types

For some people, it is so confusing to design invitation cards, and this confusion sometimes leads to the problem if not solved. This section will show you some templates of the invitation cards depending on the occasions or events they are made for. You can take ideas from here and make your cards more astonishing.

Category #1: Wedding Invitation Template

Wedding Invitation Template

Image Source: Pinterest

The cards are multiple for the multiple events of the wedding ceremony. The black card with the golden color font makes it the best combination. The design with the golden color on the up and down of the card makes the card eye-catching.

You can also design cards like these. Choose a red and golden theme or of your choice to make it perfect. Mention all the details about the wedding in the beautiful font format and mention the names of the invited people.

Category #2: Engagement Invitation Template

Engagement Invitation Template

Image Source: Pinterest

This card is decent yet more beautiful and unique. The flower design is increasing its attractiveness. The font used for writing and greeting on the card is shady, making it breathtaking.

You can make it your choice, add the colors, graphics, designs, attractive fonts, etc. You can also add the glitters to the card. The picture of the couple would make it more engaging.

Category #3: Birthday Invitation Template

Birthday Invitation Template

You can follow this example to make a birthday card more beautiful. This example shows that this birthday card is for the child's birthday, but you can make it for adults and older people's birthdays.

This birthday invitation card includes all the information that a complete birthday card shows. You can add different themes to it. Don't forget to mention whose birthday it is and the date, time, and location.

If you are making the birthday card for your adult or old relative's birthday party, you can add their pictures, their titles, and their famous sayings too.

Category #4: Party Invitation Template

Birthday Invitation Template for old relative

The card depicts in bold and big font the event. The small leaves on the cards show the quickly changing lighting effects of the party, making it more engaging.

Try to make the card more appealing by adding the graphics like a wine glass, people dancing, fireworks, etc.

Category #5: Graduation Invitation Template

Graduation Invitation Template

The above illustration is of the school's graduation party, but you make it for the graduation party at your home too. The symbols and drawings pinned on the template make the card best describe itself. You should also add the graduation hat and gown to the card.

You can mention that from how many marks you passed and graduated, add the funny moments of your academic life, or you can include anything that would make your graduation card awesome.

Category #6: Baptism Invitation Template

Baptism Invitation Template

This invitation card design example is for religious events like Baptism. You can take an idea from here and can add a picture of your newborn. The font on the card looks so perfect, and the Cross symbol above the card makes the card religious.

Mention all the information about your child, like the date of birth with the date of BaptismBaptism. It will make people more familiar with the child.

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What Should be on an Invitation Card?

The invitation card should be filled with all the information about the person the party is associated with and the things related to the party's theme.

  • Mention all the information like the date, time, location, invited person, who the party is, etc.
  • Make sure all the things are pre-planned and then mentioned on the card. The information should be correct and complete.
  • Include the things like balloons and cakes if it is a birthday party, wedding ring, hearts, designs, couple drawings if it is a wedding or engagement party, and if it is a graduation party, then include the designs associated with it.


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How to Make and Print an Invitation Card?

Tips on Designing the Invitation Card

  • Add Pictures: Try to add pictures on the invitation card of the person whose party is this. It will add beauty to the card.
  • Attach Gifts: You can also attach small gifts on the card for the person you are inviting through the card. It will make them not forget about the part.
  • Themes: Instead of writing about the dress code and theme of the event, you can specify it through the card's design, and for the safe side, you can also mention it if you want.

It will make your card unique, and the recipients will get the best impression of the party.

How to Customize and Print Invitation Card Templates?

Step 1: Launch the EdrawMax either on the desktop or on the web(EdrawMax Online ). Click on the [Card] and then click on the [Invitation Card].

Open EdrawMax

Step 2: Open one of the pre-designed ivitation card templates. Then you can use the pre-set shapes, symbols, colors, fonts, and graphics and make it beautiful and appealing. Customize the template until it meets your needs. You can try the new "Auto-formatting" function!

Open a Card Template

Step 3: Share your card with the sharing link or post it on the social media. After completing your card, you can also select the [Print] option under the same [File] section to print your card.

Share a Card Template

How to Get an Invitation Card Template for Word/PDF?

Once you have made your own invitation card, you can save and export the card to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, JPG, PNG format, etc. EdrawMax provides a number of export options for users, so that you can download and get the invitation cards in the desired file formats. Your friends, family members or colleagues can see how beautiful the card is, even if they are not using EdrawMax.

Find the [Export to Word] option and open your card in the MS Word.

Export a Card Template to Word

Find the [Export to PDF] option and open your card in the PDF viewer.

Export a Card Template to PDF

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