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Posted by James Freeman | 02/05/2021

Part 1: What is an Architecture Diagram?

The Architecture diagram can help system designers and developers visualize the high-level, overall structure of their system or application to ensure the system meets their users' needs. You can also use architecture diagrams to describe patterns that are used throughout the design. It's somewhat like a blueprint that can be used as a guide for the convenience of discussing, improving, and following among your team.

Part 2: System Architecture Diagram

System developers need system architecture diagrams to understand, clarify, and communicate ideas about the system structure and the user requirements that the system must support. It's a basic framework used at the system planning phase, helping partners understand the architecture, discuss changes, and communicate intentions.

Example 1: Web Portal Architecture Diagram

System Architecture Diagram

Example 2: Website System Architecture Diagram

3D System Architecture Diagram

Part 3: Website Architecture Diagram

Website architecture is an approach to designing and planning websites, which involves technical, aesthetic, and functional criteria. Website information architecture uses a hierarchy structure to visualize a website's overall framework, from which you can see the directory structure of the web pages and organization of website content. Website function architecture decomposes functions and demonstrates the hierarchical relationships among the functions and sub-functions.

Example 1: Website Information Architecture Diagram

Website Information Architecture

Example 2: Website Functional Hierarchy Architecture

Website System Functional Hierarchy Architecture

Part 4: Application Architecture Diagram

Applications architecture is the high-level structure of an application system. It's the process of defining a structured solution that meets all the technical and operational requirements while optimizing common quality attributes such as performance, security, and manageability.

Example: CRM Application Architecture Diagram

CRM Application Architecture Template

Part 5: Software Architecture Diagram

The Software Architecture Diagram is a crucial step for software and application developers to describe the basic software structure by separating functional areas into layers. It depicts how a typical software system might interact with its users, external systems, data sources, and services.

Example: Flood Control Software Architecture Diagram

Software Architecture Template

Part 6: Enterprise Architecture Diagram

The Enterprise architecture is a concept for operating organizational business analysis, planning projects, and implementation. It has a set of principles and practices to guide enterprises throughout the business cycle. Below is an enterprise architecture diagram model.

Example: Projects Enterprise Architecture Diagram

web and EJB projects enterprise architecture diagram

Part 7: Symbols of Architecture Diagram

Here is a group of vector, built-in architecture diagram symbols included in EdrawMax.

Architecture architecture Symbols

Architecture application Symbols

Part 8: How to Create an Architecture Diagram

Step 1: Launch EdrawMax on your computer. Navigate to [Software Development] > [Enterprise Application], and you can open a template or a blank drawing page.

Open EdrawMax

Step 2: As you enter into the workspace of EdrawMax, drag the symbol that you need and drop it onto the canvas. If you need additional symbols, you can search them in the left symbol library. There are also plenty of editing and formatting tools that you can use to modify and style the diagram.

make diagram

Step 3: When your architecture diagram is complete, you can export it to JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, HTML with just a single click. So you can share your drawings with people who don't use EdrawMax with no need to looking for ways of converting file formats.

save and export file in EdrawMax

Watch the following video to learn to create an enterprise architecture diagram in simple steps!

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