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Edraw workflow diagram creator provides users a super easy way to create a workflow diagram for excel and this article will introduce it to you step by step.

If you are looking for a workflow diagram maker to create a workflow diagram for excel, you will have a hard time finding a better program than Edraw workflow diagram creator.

Detailed Steps to Create a Workflow Diagram for Excel

Edraw workflow diagram creator has already prepared almost all the things, users just need to click mouses to finish following simple steps.

Step 1. Start Edraw, go to the File menu, click New > Flowchart, then double click the icon of Work Flow Diagram to open a blank workflow drawing page. You can also get started quickly by choosing a pre-made workflow diagram template.

Open Workflow Diagram Drawing Page

Step 2. Drag and drop relevant workflow symbols from left libraries.

Add Workflow Diagram Shapes

Step 3. Double click the symbols to add key information and finish typing by clicking any blank area on the page.

Add Workflow Diagram Contents

Step 4. Click floating buttons around to connect workflow symbols or choose a proper connector from Connector.

Connect Workflow Diagram Shapes

Connect Workflow Diagram Shapes

Step 5. If you are not satisfied with the current theme, just go to Page Layout and choose a theme you like from built-in themes.

Change Workflow Diagram Theme

Step 6. Go to Page Layout and click Background to choose a background you like to make the diagram more professional.

Add Workflow Diagram Contents

Step 7. Hit Export & Send under File menu, select Office and click Excel, then browse your computer to find a location to save the Excel workflow diagram.

Workflow Diagram for Excel

Here attached the converted excel workflow diagram. You can also make changes to it such as editing the contents, changing the size and shapes, etc.

Data Processing Workflow Diagram for Excel

Software to Create Workflow for Excel

People like Edraw because it has a large quantity of pre-made standard workflow symbols and numerous well designed templates. They do not need to draw the shapes by themselves and just get started with built-in templates. It is such a smart program that it can connect, align and space symbols automatically which saves people a lot of time and energy. Nobody would not like this easy and smart software.

Give Edraw workflow diagram software a shot. Download and try it for free.

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