Wiring Plan Symbols

Wiring plan symbols - editable and free to use. Provide a wiring plan symbol set including lights, outlets, switches and other appliances.

Wiring Plan Symbol Set

In wiring plans, the wiring components are shown by using standard symbols so that everyone could read. For wiring planners, this large collection of wiring plan symbols are offered in standard format and modifiable. You can take them to make electrical wiring plans.

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Electrical and Telecoms

Electrical and Telecom



Wall, Shell and Structure

Wall, Shell, Structure

How to Use the Symbols


The symbols are scalable to anysize with no clarity loss.

Resize Symbol

Can Be Rotated

It's easy to rotate the symbol either use the rotate handle or use the quick button.

Rotate Symbol

Can be Re-colored

The symbols are scalable to any size with no clarity loss.

Recolor Symbol

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