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Before you create your stunning sites, you need to know what website design is about. See a vivid example of website design workflow and learn how to draw it in an instant.

About Website Design

Web design includes many different skills and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of websites. The different fields of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring; user experience design; and search engine optimization. Usually, a website design service provider applies the following workflow.

Website Design Workflow

Website Design Tips and Tricks

  • Use a high-resolution image for your logo and feature it in the upper left corner of each of your pages.
  • Use intuitive navigation. Since there are countless websites out there, if the navigation is not visible, most browsers will exit the page immediately and choose other sites.
  • Get rid of clutter. If the webpage is too cramped or information overloaded to be processed by brain, all the contents may be pointless. Nobody will bother spending time on information that will make himself uncomfortable.
  • Don't annoy your visitors with pop-up windows. To see through the users' eyes, always remember that popups will block readers' eyes and they may lose patience soon.
  • Limit page length to 2 screenfuls, or 6-7 screenfuls for articles.
  • Contain attractive infographics to make your message more compelling.
  • How to Make Your Own Workflow Diagram

    Use Template to Get Started

    Take advantage of this diagram to gain your own one as fast as possible. Only three steps are required.

  • Download the template of website design workflow.
  • Customize it the way you want.
  • Fine tune it instantly.
  • Connect Shapes with Arrow Connectors

    As you can see, steps in this template are connected by arrows connectors. They are a group of special shapes embedded in Edraw, which can act as both shapes and connectors. You can apply them in this way:

    Click the Libraries button, choose General and then select Arrow Connectors. -> Drag a suitable Arrow Connector out and place it between the two shapes you want to connect. -> When the connection points turn red, it means they are connected. -> Resize the arrow to coordinate with shapes by dragging its selection or control handles.

    Arrow Connector

    When connecting shapes in different rows, choose Elbow Arrow when it is more suitable. They work better when the under row has less shapes than the upper row. In this way, you can enter more description inside the connectors.

    Elbow Arrow Connector

    Number Steps

    You can find Number symbol in the Symbol library in Illustrations group. After you open this library, drag one symbol towards one shape. When the connection points turn red (showing they are already connected), release the mouse. Double click the symbols to enter right numbers.

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