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Create Value Stream Map for Excel

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/27/2021
Create a value stream map using pre-made symbols and templates in Edraw and export to Excel format with just 1 button click.

Creating a value stream map directly in excel is not wise at some point. It will be painstaking if you are not an expert in using Excel. Well, you can do it in another way - creating a value stream map in Edraw and export to Excel with a single click.

Edraw can be used as a powerful value stream map maker which contains a standard value stream map symbol kit that you can use to make professional value stream maps without effort.

Value Stream Map Excel

Built-in Symbols for Value Stream Mapping

A great advantage makes Edraw much better than Excel in making value stream map is its pre-defined symbol library. The ready-made symbols make your drawing extremely fast and accurate. The symbols are vector graphics allowing you to resize, rotate and recolor.

Value Stream Map Symbols

Export to Excel

Edraw helps you get started with your value stream maps quickly, and export to Excel format instantly with one button click.

When finish, go to the File tab and find "Export & Send" button. You will find a list of export options. Choose Excel and the software will save your file as XLSX format.

Export Excel

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