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How to Use Laboratory Equipment Shapes

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/27/2021
Presents a group of vector lab equipment shapes that are ready-to-use. See a simple guide about how to use these high resolution laboratory apparatus shapes.

Available Lab Equipment Shapes

A set of specified pre-drawn laboratory equipment symbols are embedded in Edraw Max. Since they are vector format, users can zoom them freely. See some screenshot below.

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Laboratory Equipment Shapes

Usage of laboratory apparatus Symbols

Many people can benefit from these shapes for its bonuses of visualization and ease of use. Even users without drawing skill or experience can visualize experiment process instantly.

  1. Teachers can apply these shapes to present experiment process in an understandable and organized way. Such vivid lab equipment shapes can facilitate effective lecture delivery, exercise design and after-class test.
  2. Students can insert some lab equipment symbols in their notes, papers and presentation and so on to clarify thought.
  3. Courseware designer can increase work efficiency with the readily available shapes, without spending tons of time drawing and formatting.

In a word, our shapes are quite beneficial for teaching and learning.

How to Use Laboratory Equipment Shapes

Step 1. Open Lab Equipment Shapes Stencil

  1. After you open Edraw Max, you can see there are many available templates.
  2. Move your cursor down to click Science title.
  3. Keep moving the cursor to double click the thumbnail of Laboratory Equipment. Relevant stencil will open along with a blank canvas.
Open Lab Eqipment Stencil

Step 2. Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste Shapes

  1. Just drag and drop lab equipment shapes you need onto the canvas. No need to search online & download.
  2. They are fully integratable with MS programs. You can directly copy and paste them into Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  3. Note: edit the shapes before you copy them to other programs.
Drag Lab Eqipment ShapesCopy Lab Equipment Shapes to MS

Ste 3. Edit Lab Equipment Shapes

  1. To resize shapes, select the shape and drag the green square handles. Drag them outwards to enlarge shapes and drag them inwards to decrease size.
  2. To recolor shapes, go to the color bar on the bottom of the screen or Fill tool in Home tab.
  3. More flexible modifications can be done through the floating action button or yellow control handle. See the following table.
Symbol Name Operation Result
Dropper Edit Lab Equipment Shapes
Drag the yellow point to change liquid volume.
Copy Lab Equipment Shapes to MS
Dropping Liquid Edit Lab Equipment Shapes Edit Lab Equipment Shapes
Gas Jar Edit Lab Equipment Shapes Edit Lab Equipment Shapes


Edit Lab Equipment Shapes

Hide Scale Mark
Edit Lab Equipment Shapes
Pear-shapes Flask Edit Lab Equipment Shapes Edit Lab Equipment Shapes

U Tube

Edit Lab Equipment Shapes

Edit Lab Equipment Shapes

Liebig Condenser

Edit Lab Equipment Shapes

Edit Lab Equipment Shapes

Kipp's Apparatus

Edit Lab Equipment Shapes
Edit Lab Equipment Shapes
Platform Scale Edit Platform Scale
Platform Scale

Free Download Software and View All Vector Symbols

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