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Free presentation templates with unique designs allow you to make striking presentations and immediately impress the audience. Easy to customize and change style to fit your specific requirements.

There are abundant presentation materials available on the internet. Most of them have fixed styles which are unable to customize. For people who want to make custom presentations and include their own features, here we offer a collection of customizable presentation templates, together with an easy-to-use tool to help you make high-quality presentations.

Unique Presentation Template - Furniture

This presentation template uses furniture as the background. You can add text in the frames, light and sofa. The style is unique which will surely catches people's attention and brings unexpected result. Each component you see in the template is customizable; you can add more frames and change the size. It's all up to the style you desire.


Unique Presentation Template - Abstract Road

Here is an abstract crossroad template which is perfect for business presentation. It can be used in the scenario for decision making, when someone is seeking for the best solution for a problem.

Presentation Crossroad Theme Template

Unique Presentation Template - Balls

This template can visualize the hierarchical structure of a project team. The blue ball is the leader, and other balls are people in this team. Of course you can always change the ball number and color through Edraw. Use your own creativity to make it better.


Unique Presentation Template - Pencil

This uniquely-created template is designed for general use. It's simple but have strong visual effect. Use it to present a striking and impressive slide show, and you are sure to gain more praise.


Unique Presentation Template - Porcelain

For people who prefer fresh and clean style, this porcelain template is a good choice. To have the source file, simply click the picture to get the download link.

Blue and White Porcelain

Unique Presentation Template - Liquid Drop

This PPT template will surely express your audience. You can add more shapes according to your own needs.

liquid drop ppt

Unique Presentation Template - Endless Road

This endless road PPT template gives you the sense of space and expansiveness. It can be applied in many fields.

endless road ppt

Unique Presentation Template - Cubic Hexagons PPT

Click the picture to download the cubic hexagons PPT template. The color of the shapes can be changed if you want. You can also add or delete an element according to your needs.

Cubic Hexagons Powerpoint

How to Create a Business Plan

Download a free trial and discover more presentation templates.

Edraw Presentation Maker

Besides good-looking presentation templates, Edraw also offers an easy way for users to design custom presentation templates. With a large amount of pre-made list shapes and clip arts, you can create outstanding presentations fast and easily. One of Edraw's unique features is that it contains extensive diagram types that you can insert in your presentation, such as flowchart, pie chart, column chart, spider chart, mind map, fishbone diagram, timeline, arrows diagram, and a lot more. These will help you make excellent presentation with rich contents.

Custome Presentation

More PPT Presentation Templates Flat Style

We have newly added some flat style PPT presentation template sets. You can click the picture below to view more ppt templates that are available in Version 8 of Edraw.

Red PPT Templates

PPT Templates for K12 Education

Nature Theme Presentation Templates

Dark Background Presentation Templates

15 Diagrams for Business Presentation

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