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A group of dark background ppt presentation templates are provided for free. Provide customizable dark background ppt presentation templates for presentation designs.

If you need ppt presentation templates with dark backgrounds and white fonts, here are some nice choices. Click the pictures to download the original files. These templates are easily customizable; you can change shapes sizes, colors and styles with just a few clicks.

Dark Background PPT Template - Billboard PowerPoint Template

The billboard PowerPoint template is a professional template slide for PowerPoint presentations with a few text boards on a stick, which looks like a billboard. It has a dark background and white text boxes. This design style has a powerful visual effect that you can use to create awesome presentations.

Billboard PowerPoint Presentation

Dark Background PPT Template - Multiple Rhombs PowerPoint Template

If you have a group of parallel ideas to display, this multiple rhomb PowerPoint template is perfect. The designer has made a fantastic job to create such a nice PPT template. If the text plates are not big enough for you, you can simply zoom it, with no quality loss. You can also add or delete any text plate, very flexible.

world map location

Dark Background PPT Template - Pentagram PowerPoint Template

Awesome PowerPoint template with a star in the middle. It has a nice background for dark presentation needs. The slide has a black background color and the content is white, which makes it very striking to see. Click the following button to download it for free.

Branch Office World Map

Dark Background PPT Template - Simple List PowerPoint Template

This simple list timeline PowerPoint template would be very useful for general presentations. The background of this PPT model looks simple, but its not a solid black color. It's a Jeans cloth pattern. This special design makes the template style and unique. Free download and customize the list timeline presentation template for your own use.

Market Report World Map

Dark Background PPT Template - Multiple Triangles PowerPoint Template

This customizable triangles PowerPoint template with dark background is provided for free. Abstract PPT templates like this often have significant and strong visual impact because they combine graphic effects which attract the attention of readers.

World Air Routes Map

Dark Background PPT Template - Buttons PowerPoint Template

A buttons PowerPoint template is readily available for download. The dark background has a modern effect with buttons on the left. Sometimes black background combining with white content is a pretty nice choice for presentation. Try it by clicking on the download buttons below.

World Air Routes Map

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