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Timeline chart refers to a chart which displays a list of events in the order in which they occurred. Timelines charts are often used to help students and researchers to understand the order or chronology of historical events and trends for a subject. When showing time on a specific scale on an axis, a timeline chart can be used to visualize time lapses between events, durations, and the simultaneity or overlap of spans and events.
A timeline chart looks like a long, horizontal line with important dates and events labeled along it. Timeline chart can take use any time scale, depending on the subject and data. Most timeline charts use a linear scale, where a unit of distance is equal to a set amount of time.

Timeline Software

Timeline Maker

Edraw is a powerful yet simple-to-use software for creating timeline charts with milestones and interval markers. Though looked intricate, a timeline chart could be finished in just minutes by using timeline pre-drawn shapes and a wide range of automated tools. This timeline software is designed with many advanced features. For example, it allows entry of both events and time periods; it scales automatically; it allows links and images. The finished chart can be exported to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Graphics formats.
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Video Tutorial - How to Create a Timeline

Timeline Symbols

Edraw project management chart software offers you plenty of special shapes used in timeline charts including time bar, timeline bar, divided time bar, cylindrical timeline, diamond milestone, circle milestone, Rect milestone, triangle milestone, point milestone, empty milestone, line milestone, multi-style milestone, point mission, cylinder interval and side brace, etc.

Timeline Symbols

Timeline Examples

A useful and flexible timeline template in vector format is available to you.
How to Create Timeline

Timeline Example - Chinese Festivals

Timeline Example

A unique timeline lists the main Chinese festivals chronologically. It divides the Chinese festivals onto lunar month and gregorian calendar festivals.

Timeline Examples

Sample Timeline

Here is a Chinese history timeline. With arrow shapes showing direction, it becomes clearer.
See more timeline templates.

Timeline Example - Chinese Festivals

Timeline Template

Learn the brief history of jeans through the right timeline. Click the picture to view large version or download it.

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