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Why EdrawMax to Design Your Security Plan?

Go for the best security plan

Stay safe stay secure: Security access plan considers five main classes of security services: authentication, access control, confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation. EdrawMax, as a designing software, helps you with designing a fool-proof security plan for your building.

Massive template resources: EdrawMax helps you design the perfect security plan by choosing from over 3500+ built-in templates, or you can find more template resources in our Template Community.

26,000+ vector symbols: Apart from a wide range of templates, the software also offers a huge symbol library with over 50000+ symbols to choose from. At EdrawMax, you can easily find symbols, or you can import symbols to your symbol libraries for later use.

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Easy-to-use security plan maker

User-friendly interface: EdrawMax has the most intuitive interface that gather all functions and elements in one place. The easy to drag-and-drop feature also makes the creation highly effective.

Measurement for accuracy: One of our most prominent features is our scale and measurement, adding to the accuracy of your plans. Using scales makes it easier for the user to add more accuracy to the plan.

Easy for everyone, even no design skills: EdrawMax is the easiest security plan maker, since it is highly customizable, you can edit your plan for fonts, colors, background, and more. Also, the Microsoft-like canvas may shorten your learning time.

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Better storage and collaboration

Highly compatibility: You do not have to worry about the operating system or browser when creating the security plans. It is compatible with all the systems and internet, like Windows, Linux, iOS, websites, and more.

Personal cloud: With free 100M Cloud storage, you can access to your files in any time, and auto-save the files once you made changes.

Cloud-based collaboration: Due to the Cloud-based collaboration, you can create your own team, and manage the members to view or edit your files.


Export, share and get inspired

Export your security plans: EdrawMax supports to export your files into multiple formats, like MS Office, Graphics, PDF, HTML, Visio, and more.

Share your security plans: Once you are done with your final design plan, EdrawMax also gives you an option to share your designs on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Or just print it out.

Publish in template community: There is an active template community that over 25 million users to publish their work and let people talk and get inspired. You can publish your own, and become one of Edrawers.


More Features of Security Layout Planner

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

I genuinely love EdrawMax for its unique templates and easy-to-use interface. I used EdrawMax for one of my client's floor plan projects. There are a lot of predefined floor plan templates for the user to customize as per the requirement. EdrawMax not only proved to be the finest floor plan creator currently available in the market, but it also proved to be one of the most amazing tools to create process flows and org charts for general use.

We started using EdrawMax for personal usage where my husband and I decided to create our own floor plan. While looking online, we got to know about EdrawMax and its floor plan templates. This software proved to be functional, collaborative, and easy to navigate. EdrawMax is simple to learn and use as a floor plan creator. It is among that digital software that has lots of collaborative and cloud capabilities. Even with little experience, we were able to create a perfect floor plan for our new apartment. Overall, EdrawMax is a great tool, and once you master it, it will up your game. I personally recommend that everyone check it out!

EdrawMax is a fantastic tool that anyone can use to create layouts of almost anything. Be it flow charts or mind maps, or even floor plans for your new building. It won't be wrong to say that EdrawMax is the best floor plan creator in the market. As an architect, I love the ease of creating floor plans and making them seamlessly accessible. Floor plan creation is made simple, and it gives you great direction. There are also several opportunities to build any other kinds of visuals and share them.

Edraw Security Access Plan Templates

Security Floor Plan
Security Floor Plan
A security floor plan template about a security access helps you see the whole security layout along with the cameras and access.
Security Camera Layout
Security Camera Layout
A security camera layout template depicts the layout of a building with the CCTV and the access for safety considerations.
Security Access Plan
Security Access Plan
This security access plan shows the home area overall access layout that can be customized as per your requirements.
Security Layout Example
Security Layout Example
A security layout example shows the design and arrangement of creating the CCTV and security access.
Apartment Access Plan
Apartment Access Plan
An apartment access plan graphically illustrates the safety area of an apartment along with the entrance and exit areas.
Security Access Plan Example
Security Access Plan Example
It is clear to see the overall security access in this security access plan example, from which the exit and safety routes have been highlighted.

Security Plan FAQs

When we talk about designing a security and access plan, one of the most important things to remember is taking the right measurement. The right measures will determine how many cameras and other amenities you need for the plan.
EdrawMax offers a free plan for all users, and you can use the basic features to create security plans with ease. Also, you have free 100M Cloud storage to auto-save your design.
It is always better to get inspiration from the previous designs than work on scratch and stumble to errors. With EdrawMax template community, designing and sharing the security plans is highly intuitive with other 25 million users. Or you can find more security plan templates here.
You can find substantial security plan symbols in EdrawMax, like camera symbols, safety routes symbols, and more. Depending on your requirement, you can also upload images from your system, create the symbol, and save them in your personal space for future usage. Or you can find more security symbols here.
EdrawMax not only lets you share your designs on social media, but we also have a Presentation Mode wherein you can let your team look at your designs directly.

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