Puzzle Pieces

Offers ready-made printable puzzle pieces which you can reuse in your own marketing charting.

Puzzle Pieces

Recolor Puzzle Pieces

The puzzle symbols are vector. You can recolor them with single color, gradient color, texture or pictures in Edraw.

16 Puzzle Pieces

Resize Puzzle Pieces

They are also easily resized. Drag the green square handles outward to enlarge shape and drag these handles inwards to decrease size.

Resize Puzzle

Rotate Puzzle Pieces

Click on the target puzzle piece and then drag the green round handle to rotate it.Rotate Puzzle Pieces

Fit Puzzle Pieces

Fit several different puzzle pieces to form various puzzle diagrams. Enlarge, rotate and recolor them so that you can gain more unique and more beautiful puzzle diagrams.

Unique Puzzle Diagram

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Puzzle Pieces Symbols

The designer can find the puzzle pieces in the Marketing Shapes template.

Puzzle Pieces

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