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Top tips to help you prepare a winning speech that will wow the audience.

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you prepare for a speech contest.

Tip 1. Know Your Audience

  1. Learn the audience's background and interest.
  2. Combine what you want to say with what the audience want to hear.
  3. Keep it simple so that its is understandable and memorable.
  4. Keep it relevant and helpful to your audience.

Choose Speech Topics

Tip 2. Do Research before Writing

To gain high quality output, ensure high quality input.

  1. Learn from experts in that field. Get familiar with the topic to speak about it knowledgably.
  2. Collect various sources of information, such as online, library resources to gain up-to-date, creative ideas.
  3. Gather diversified materials - statistics, anecdotes, quotes to support your topic and make it interesting.

Prepare Speech Tips

Tip 3. Prepare an Outline and a Detailed Script

The outline helps you grasp the structure of the whole speech. A detailed script may include the entire speech, which can help you speak fluently during the delivery.

  1. Start with a catchy beginning. Offer a preview. Give an organized body. Eng with a clincher.
  2. Revising your script is a must. Check the grammar mistakes.
  3. Use simple words to replace big, complicated words. Only use jargons or terminology when really necessary.

Tip 4. Rehearse Your Speech

  1. Practice before a mirror when no audience is available. Speak aloud, practice articulating your words clearly and confirm the timing of your speech (We speak more quickly when we simply recite a speech in our heads).
  2. Ask your friends, mentor or families to be the audience to practice eye contact, body language.
  3. Take video of your rehearsal to check the mispronunciation.
  4. See what are the evaluation standards and rehearse based on these standards.

Sppech Evaluation Standards

Note: even after your speech, it is not the end yet. Try to collect some feedback from your audience and judges so that you can prepare better next time.


1 minute of speech requires at least 1 hour of preparation. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will feel.

Use a Mind Map to Prepare a Speech

Speech Contest Flow

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