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A brainstorming diagram example gives tips for feeding a dog. Edraw brainstorming software helps users easily lay out sub topics and details and create nice looking brainstorming diagrams.

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Feed a Dog

1. Things You Should Know Ahead
1.1 Dogs take up a lot of time and energy.
1.2 If you are not often at home, and you really want a dog, you probably should invest in a dog walker.
1.3 Any dog you get should be suitable to not only your lifestyle, but your surroundings.
1.4 Consider which breeds are suitable for your region's climate, especially if you have a yard and want to keep it as an outside dog.
1.5 Your dog doesn't know which things are her chew toys and which aren't.
2. How to Take Care
2.1 Make sure your dog has a food that suits their nutritional needs.
2.2 Take him on walks.
2.3 Give him a bath at least once every few weeks.
2.4 Make sure to cut his nails every two months or so.
2.5 Make sure to bring him to the vet for a check-up.
2.6 Go to a dog park, play with him.
2.7 Spend time with him.
2.8 Give him small treats.
3. Tips for Training a Dog
3.1 Set up a good schedule
3.2 Teach him the rules
3.3 Praise good behavior
3.4 Set up a reward system
3.5 Ward off biting
3.6 Give him appropriate things to chew on
4. Things to Prepare
4.1 Dog Crate
4.2 Head Collar
4.3 ID Tag
4.4 6-foot Leash
4.5 Water and Food Dishes
4.6 Dog bed
4.7 High-Quality Food
4.8 Treats
4.9 Poop Bags
4.10 Food-dispensing Toys
5. Keep Him Healthy
5.1 Expert Velterinary Care
5.2 Optimum Nutrition
5.3 Routine Exercise
5.4 Dental Care
5.5 Regular Grooming
5.6 Watch for Warning Signs

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