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Precedence Diagram - Resolving Prior Problems in Precedence Order

> Edraw Knowledge > Precedence Diagram - Resolving Prior Problems in Precedence Order
Posted by James Freeman | 02/26/2021
Precedence diagram is a method of getting lots of problems by brainstorming, and resolving prior problems in precedence order.

What is Precedence Diagram

The theory of Precedence Diagram is to connect work process with key targets, AKA: Core Success Factor (CSF). Typical factors of CSF include price, quality, features, reputation, etc. that complete a product or service. If you ask yourself: "What is the most important value of our enterprise in customers' eyes? " The answer is usually the Core Success Factor.

Precedence Diagram Matrix

Advantages of Precedence Diagram

Three main advantages of Precedence matrix Diagram are:

  1. An effective method of judging main bottleneck, which might have already seriously hindered improvement of main targets.
  2. A possibility of providing precedence order, so that resources can be allocated to promote process.
  3. A unity method helpful for managerial team to support precedence consensus from all departments.

Application of Precedence Diagram

The purpose of Precedence Matrix is to help people to decide project precedence according to weight and decisive relevance. Once we recognize the relevance and options via Relationship Matrix, Association Diagram, Tree Diagram etc., we'll enter into decision-making stage.

Precedence Diagram

Two factors are needed in Precedence Diagram:

(1) Decision-making principles, depending on our understanding of important matters. e.g.: Economy, time, physical performance and service form made up basic catalogues of decision-making principles.   

(2) Comparative method in relevance. Evaluation can be subjective or objective.

In subjective evaluation, with everyone's past experience and understanding of future, they collectively follow agreeing / voting / basic queuing process. Method includes Delphli method--sequence / voting plan, Nominal Group Technique (NGT) and so on. 

In objective evaluation, we specify relevant weight value and calculate this values to a relatively prior number. The Analytic Hierarchy process (AHP) is a widely used quantification technique.

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