Plan & Management

Easy to Create Beautiful Org Charts

Automatic Layout

Create org chart automatically with a few steps, no drawing required.

Beautiful Themes

Apply ready-made beautiful themes to make your org chart professional and attractive.

Quick Templates

Choose a template with same purpose of yours, and start right away.

Bulk Upload

Quickly upload employee data with bulk data resource.

Data-driven and Interactive Org Charts

From Data to Chart

Upload employee data with a CSV, XLSX, or TXT file to generate a chart automatically.

Add Custom Data Fields

Define or name a new data field freely. Be able to create org chart upon your personal requirements.

One-button Resynchronization

Resynchronize your org chart with updated data source in one click.

Powerful Search

Get instant access to relevant information with powerful searching and filtering tool.

Workforce and HR Management

Company Data Visualization

Visualize your company data for better strategic planning and decision making.

HR Management

Improve HR work efficiency in employee data management and workforce planning.

Multiple Views for Different Purposes

Choose a "View" to display relevant data based on your chart objective.

Project Resource Planning

The Gantt chart view enables managers to plan project resources and assign tasks to employees easily.

Presentation, Export and Share

Advanced Presentation

Generate presentation slides automatically with one button click.

Export to Multiple Formats

Export the entire chart or specific branches to PDF, Word and other formats.

Easy to Share

Share your org chart to anyone with an Html web link.

Cloud Collaboration

Team members work together on the same project.

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Various Templates

Start with massive org chart templates in different styles and purposes. Quickly edit upon an existing template to save your time.

Professional-looking Org Charts

Org chart can be both professional and beautiful. Good-looking organizational chart makes your work delightful.

Employee Database

The org chart can be used as an interactive employee database, from which you can easily find, manage and update employee information. You can define new data fields and create custom views to present the chart from different perspectives.

Advanced Themes

Choose from a large variety of themes to fit different scenario. Select your favorite color schemes and font styles.

Task Management

Use organizational chart as a management tool to manage employee data and schedule work.

Diverse Templates

Professional Layout

Employee Database

Advanced Themes

Task Management

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