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Org Chart Creator is a fast and friendly organizational chart design program for Mac, Windows and Linux. It automates the design process with quick buttons, giving great convenience in creating professional-quality organizational charts with or without photos.



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Excellent Org Chart Visio Alternative For Mac, Windows and Linux


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Org chart creator is a widely used organizational chart Visio alternative for Mac OS. Unlike other online programs requiring costly monthly or yearly subscription fees, Edraw offers a lifetime license with cheaper price. As an organizational chart desktop program coming with extensive pre-made symbols and templates, it's embraced as an effective organizational chart desktop program for Mac system, which makes your org chart a day at the beach.

Smart Org Chart Maker

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To create an organizational chart on Mac, Windows and Linux, Edraw is the optimal choice for its ready-to-use organizational chart templates and smart symbols. The data import function allows users to generate an org chart with just a few clicks. Many design steps have been automated by the point-and-click editor. 1 click will export the organizational chart into lots of common file formats.

Abundant Org Chart Examples

Org Chart Examples

The software includes lots of org chart examples to show the delightful results Edraw could achieve. You can get the examples right in the software or from our official website. Browse these examples to spark ideas or use one as a template to get you started. High quality examples not only enhance your performance, but also save your time.


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Devoting years to org charting program development, we have innovate a new way of creating org chart which is more efficient and easy. The drawing process is fully automated by the action buttons and auto-layout function. You don't necessarily have to draw, connect, or lay out the shapes. It's extremely simple and time-saving. Click the video on the left to learn more details.

Available Organizational Chart Types

All the organizational chart types below have special symbols and templates in our organizational chart maker. Choose the exact template to start your design.

Organizational Chart

Organizationa l Chart

Custom Orgchart

Custom Organizational Chart

Family Tree

Family Tree



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Enjoy creating Organizational Chart on Mac and PC with this easy-to-use software. You'll be surprised by its abundant symbols and templates, amazed by how easy it works, and satisfied with the service and price. Try it today!