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Posted by Allison Lynch | 06/28/2021
This article lists some common uses of organization charts with some organization chart examples.

Organization chart can be used by many organizations to ease work, including business groups and governments as well as educational institutions. Here are some common uses of organization chart. Some well-designed examples are also presented for better understanding.

Common Uses of Organization Chart

  1. Business groups organization charts show reporting relationship. Have a look the following company structure.

Service Enterprise Org Chart

  1. HR org charts are used to show employee details for better HR management. Edraw org chart software supports to insert hyperlink and attachment. HR personnel can easily add employees' detailed information such as birthday, hobbies and contact information.
  1. Departmental org charts display relationships between functional units, regardless of personnel shifts. Presented below is a marketing department org chart template. Click here to view some departmental org chart examples.
Marketing Organization Chart
  1. Government org chart is used to present chain of command.

Chinese Government Org Chart

  1. City organization chart is for display of the departmental reporting structure to Council and city management.

City Org Chart

  1. Hospital org charts are applied to show departmental responsibility.

hospital organizational chart

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Examples of Organizational Chart

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Management Structure Chart

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