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Posted by Allison Lynch | 06/24/2021
An org chart is not hard to build, but there are certain principles to follow and make it work. Read the following top tips to improve your chart.

Tip 1 Use Org Charting Software

Drawing all things manually will be time and effort-consuming but hard to gain satisfactory results. Using org charting software such as Edraw can ease the process and give a more professional finish to your org chart. Check out the following example drawn by Edraw. See the creation guide in How to Create an Organizational Chart.

Order Flowchart

Video Tutorial - How to Create an Org Chart

Tip 2 Use Vertical and Horizontal Layouts for Optimal Scanning

If there are many employees in your organization, arrange the chart reasonably so that it looks neat. Use a combination of a horizontal arrangement of boxes at the top of the chart, and vertical below to fit as many boxes on a single page as possible. Compare these two ways of arrangement below.

Horizontal Arrangement

Vertical Arrangement

To see which layout style fits your chart best, go to Org Chart menu. Click each icon of Layout Style, the chart arrangement changes instantly. Select another one to see the effect until you find out the best one.

Layout Style

Tip 3 Make Shapes of the Same Level the Same Size

Org charts look messy if shapes are in different sizes. Org charts look neater and more organized if shapes of the same level are in the same size. You can also make all shapes of the chart the same size.

Different Size

Same Size

Press Ctrl + A to select all shapes -> Go to Home menu -> in the Arrange group, select Same Size under Size.

Same Size

Tip 4 Space All Shapes Evenly

Setting same space between boxes allows shapes at the same position to be at the same level. If you use the auto connection function, Edraw space all shapes evenly for you. If you connect shapes manually, Use Relayout to space shapes evenly.

Same Size

Tip 5 Update Org Chart in Time

Make sure your chart is fully up to date with all the correct organizational information. Make modifications in time when staff change happens. Edraw enables modification without worrying about rearranging the chart again. After you add or move a position, Click Relayout and then Edraw align and distribute all shapes automatically.

relayout org chart

Tip 6 Draw Org Chart Automatically by Importing Data

The best org chart software programs will make charts automatically. This can be done by importing data in a file that lists the title of each position, the name of the person assigned to it and the title of their manager in each row. You can create one of these in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel. Alternatively, copy the example we offer and replace the contents with your own data.

Org Chart Maker

Here you can get the most powerful org chart creator featured by automatic drag-and-drop functionality, smart symbols, rich templates and most advanced tools. Predefined shapes allow even novice users to gain glamous org charts quickly. The cross-programs compatibility brings seamless collaboration. You can insert a photo to a shape easily through the floating action button. After modification, you dno;t even need to bother about reaarangement, 1 click on the relayout command relocate all elements perfectly.

org chart software

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