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Mind Map is great, just like a Swiss Army knife that can serve many functions, it can be utilized not only for brainstorming and planning, but also for notes taking. With a mind map, you can easily improve note-taking skills and problem solving abilities.

Why Use Mind Maps?

We usually take notes with pen and paper, and most of the time we just end up with very messy notes that make it very difficult to pick out the key points and find out the connections between hundreds of paragraphs. Why not employ a process that allows for quicker note taking and provides a more logical visualization while reviewing in the future? This is where mind map can help you. As a fantastic tool that can incorporate words, images, numbers, and color, it’s better than a pen and paper as you can easily update it by adding or rearranging the topics.

When Should Use Mind Maps Over Text Notes

Mind maps can be used to take text notes for many specific scenarios, including classes, meetings, book summaries and much more. Let’s take studying and meeting as the examples.

Studying Notes

Taking proper notes for classes can be tricky. It is too overwhelming to write down every piece of information in your notebook, rather it is important to understand the information from lectures and write key notes. Traditional note taking is to be linear, making it difficult to capture the main ideas and concepts accurately while also listening and learning. So use mind map while studying, which allows your notes to become streamlined with organized information and help you grasp the concepts and key ideas in a non-linear fashion. It’s visual image of material could become helpful during test-taking.

use mind map to take notes

Meeting Notes

Standard note taking is rigid in structure, grasping the concepts and key ideas in a linear format. However, meetings are rarely linear or follow an agenda. Key information, ideas, feedback and comments will pop up from time to time. Mind map can help you capture all these information accurately in a visual and more dynamic way, which can also improve your efficiency and provide clearer reference for review after the session. You’ll end up with something that looks like this.

mind map to take notes for meeting

How to Take Text Notes With Mind Map

There is no one standard format for a mind map, the structure of your maps is a personal choice. In general, you need to keep things to a minimum by picking out the main ideal and start in the center the blank page. Then connect your main topics to the central image and connect your second- and third-level branches to the first and second levels. Using pictures and colors activates the creative portion of the brain, while note taking employs the analytical portion of the brain.

draw mind map to take notes

All the mind maps created are done by Edraw. Which tool you use depends on which one you feel most comfortable with. Now give it a try yourself.

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