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How to Export A Mind Map to MS Visio VSDX File

> Edraw Tip > How to Export A Mind Map to MS Visio VSDX File
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
Edraw Mind Map Creator's visio export capability allows you to export a mind map to MS Visio format .vsdx with minimum effort.

With this Mind Map for Visio Creator, you can not only quickly create a basic mind map, but you also have the option to share it with your colleagues and friends who use MS Visio on their computers via exporting your mind map file to Visio VSDX files.

Create A Mind Map for Visio

1. Open a blank mind map drawing page

Go to File menu > New > Mind Map, and then double click the icon of Mind Map in templates window.

Open Visio Mind Map Drawing Page

2. Add mind map shapes and contents

To add shapes: click the floating action buttons or press Insert key to add branch shapes

Add Mind Map Shapes

To add contents:

  • Double click a shape to type in text.
  • Choose a desired font under Home tab. Customize the size, color and alignment by clicking the relevant menus.
  • Click the arrow under Font Color for paragraph settings.

Add Mind Map Contents

Change mind map theme

Simply navigate to Mind Map tab > Mind Map Theme, select the one you prefer.

Change Mind Map Theme

Export A Mind Map to MS Visio VSDX

Once the mind map is completed, simply select Export & Send under File menu to export the mind map to Viso vsdx format.

export mind map to Viso vsdx

This Mind Map Creator Is Known For

  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Easy to Use
  • Straightforward User Interface
  • Marvelous Templates and Examples
  • Variety of Built-in Shapes and Symbols
  • Various Import / Export Options
  • Automated Operation
  • Cloud Collaboration
  • A Full Set of Drawing Tool
  • Affordability

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