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Chart Creation Guide

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Posted by James Freeman | 06/24/2021
Here is some basic knowledge you need to know for chart creation. It will guide you to make charts easily.

Charts Types

In Edraw, 11 types of charts can be made instantly. To name a few - column chart, bar chart, pie chart and bubble chart. Some types of chart are divided into sub types. Choose a suitable one according to your need.

Chart Types

Rules for Making Effective Charts

Follow these rules to make your charts effective in information communication.

  1. Check the data carefully to make sure that it is accurate. Sort the data before charting.
  2. Data had better be or presented in descending order to put the most significant data first.
  3. Label axis to make your chart more readable.
  4. Start with zero to avoid confusion.
  5. Put yourself in audience's shoes. Consider who your chart is for and design it accordingly.
  6. Include unit so that the number make sense.
  7. Add a descriptive tile so that the audience can get the point instantly.

Create a Chart from a Template/Example

On the start page, select Chart in the Available Templates list. Double click the icon of chart needed in the Templates group. You can also take advantage of the examples. After you click a certain template, its examples are listed below template icons.


Edit Chart Data

Load Data

Double click value text in chart to edit the data, the relevant shape changes according to the data change.

Another way to modify data is importing data from files. We have embedded the example data in the first shape of each chart library, named as How to Use xxx.

Note: In 100% stacked bar chart you cannot edit the bar percentage value directly. You need to select the category sub shape and drag the yellow diamond handle to change the bar width and percentage value.

You cannot edit the pie percentage value to change the pie degree. Select the pie chart, drag the yellow diamond handle to change the pie degree and percentage value.

Create Chart with Smart Editor

Pie Chart Action Button

According to different shapes' features, the floating buttons contain different options. You can mainly do the following operations by clicking the floating button:
* Load data from file.
* Add/delete a sub shape.
* Set sub shape number.
* Set max/min value.
* Hide/show data labels/legend.
* Appearance options.
* Change sub shape orientation/position.

Set Fill Style of Chart

Select a series of sub shape in any category or a legend sub shape > Change the selected shape fill style, and then Edraw applies the fill style to all of the series shapes.

Set bar fill style

Special Control Points of Chart

Most chart templates have a yellow control points. It is located on one axis near the intersection. Select the shape and the yellow control point shows. Most of these points are for changing the interval between sub shapes or size of sub shapes. Those yellow dots in pie and doughnut templates are for rotating the shape or changing data.

Change column width edit column data editpiedata

Examples for Creating Charts Quickly

Here are some terrific chart examples. You can download a suitable one, replace the contents and make it your own style. To see large version and download the examples, simply click on the pictures.

Bar Chart Example
Column Chart Example
Pie Chart Example
Richest Countries Chart
Personality Pie Chart
Doughnut Chart Example
Radar Chart Example
Comparision Chart Example
Smartphone Use Doughnut
Performance Appraisal Spider Chart

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