40+ Basic List shapes for Infographic Design

A professional and beautiful infographic can not happen without list shapes for infographic design which enrich its contents and effects a lot.

When adding contents during the infographic drawing process, proper list shapes play an important role in laying out these contents tidier and more reasonably.

List Shapes for Infographic Design

List shape is an indispensable part of infographic designs. Edraw infogrpahic creator provides various list shapes for users to drag-and-drop. All the shapes are editable. Users can change colors, adjust length, add/delete lists and group/ungroup according to different situations. And there are also other built-in infographic elements apart from list shapes.

List Shapes Elements

Free download infographic software to try those free infographic elements:

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Create New List Shapes

As a humanized infographic maker, Edraw also prepared a set of drawing tool in advance in case users want to create their new list shapes.

Create List Shapes

Applications of List Shapes

Users can find list shapes in almost every infographic and below are several examples of list shapes in practical use.

List Shapes Application 1
List Shapes Application 2
List Shapes Application 3
List Shapes Application 1
List Shapes Application 2
List Shapes Application 3

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