10 Popular Infographic Layout Templates

How to lay out infographics like a pro? Quick infographic layout templates give you ideas and inspirations that help you design fantastic infographic layout in minutes.

There are plenty of tools and templates for infographic design out there on the web for infographic beginners to start. However, sometimes we are still lost even the tools are simple and the templates are abundant. The point is that we don't know how to optimize the visual arrangement of our information to achieve the best looking effects. Therefore, we need to look at others' designs, and summarize layout skills for different kind of contents. Here in this article, we list 10 popular infographic layout templates which might give you a clue on how to set a good infographic layout that best conveys your information.

Infographic Layout Templates

The infographic layout templates, also known as layout wireframes, are basic outlines and structures you sketch out before stepping into infographic drawing. They are essential to pre-plan your design ideas so as to reduce redo steps and enhance efficiency.

Underneath displays some commonly-used infographic layout styles which you can use as cheat sheet.

infographic layout templates 1

infographic layout templates 2

Tips You Need to Know for Infographic Layout

Follow these tips for creating appealing infographics that can go viral. You can also read more infographic design tips.

  1. Make sure your infographic has enough whitespace, so it won't look too busy.
  2. Make the colors consistent. Highlight key information with big image, different background color, or large font.
  3. Use diagrams, charts or maps to help explain complex information visually.
  4. Separate the content into sections with subtitles, lines or color blocks.
  5. Use vector images to ensure the high clarity.

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