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Posted by Janice | 11/05/2019
House floor plan design can be quite easy if you choose the right tool. Start your own house floor plan design now with the help of house floor planner!

Most people mistakenly think that only those professionals who have received special training can make house floor plan design. The truth is that house floor plan requires neither special training nor previous experience with the help of house layout designer.

Tips for House Floor Plan Design

Once you've made the decision to build rather than buy your first or next house, the biggest step after finding the right building lot is to design your future house. Designing house floor plan on your own can actually reflect your taste and fit your real needs best. Below are some useful house floor design tips which will surely be of great help to you when you design your own home floor plan.

House Floor Plan Design

Picture interior house design. When putting together your house floor plan, place furniture in the design to see how it all fits together. You can do this by using home design software. Also, consider your lighting scheme, paint and flooring choices, and how your design will work for all your favorite activities, which will help you create proper seating, dining and socializing space.

Don't forget the sun. The position of the sun can affect your home design in many ways, depending on the direction your home faces. A south facing home will be warmer in the winter, but hotter in the summer. Place windows to take advantage of natural light, which allows for better energy conservation. And if you particularly enjoy sunrises or sunsets, then design places into the east or west sides of your home to spend time doing so.

Assess how much is your outdoor living. Your house floor plan will most likely include an outdoor leisure area. Whether that is a porch, lanai, swimming pool or other amenities. When choosing a house floor plan, assess how much your family will use these outdoor leisure amenities.

Plan for expansion. If you can't afford to build your entire dream house now, plan your house floor plan design so that expansion is not only possible, but easy. One way of doing so is to build your home in phases. For example, build your main house first, add your detached garage in a few years and then finally, finish that basement. Pick affordable priorities and tackle those first.

House Floor Plan Design Templates

House designer includes lots of built-in homeplansymbolsandhomeplantemplates,whichwillofcoursefacilitateyourdrawingofhousefloorplandesign.We've all got some sort of idea of how our dream house might look. No matter what it is that makes your dream house unique, here are a few templates of houses which we hope will bring your some inspiration.

House Floor Plan Design Template

The picture above is a simple house floor plan drawn via house design software.

Bedroom House Floor Plan Design Template

The picture is a guest room floor plan drawn via home floor plan software.

Bathroom House Floor Plan Design Template

The picture is a bathroom floor plan drawn via home plan designer.

House Floor Planner System Requirements

  • Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix
  • Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows
  • Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later
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