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A versatile cross-platform mind mapping tool.
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Histogram Templates

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Quickly and easily design histograms from ready-to-use templates in minutes. An easy histogram maker helps you design unique histogram faster than ever.

Plane Histogram Template

Consumption Histogram

This template is suitable for presenting distribution among a week. You can customize this template for any use. Unlike MS PowerPoint whose text box and shapes are separate, Edraw's attached text box acts as a property of the shape and moves in tandem with that shape. What is more, in this template, the shape will change automatically right after you alter the data. See more amazing features of Edraw in Comparison of Microsoft Visio VS Edraw.

3 D Histogram Template

Histogram Guide

3D shapes form a better visualization. This is a quite succinct histogram with a guide about how to use it. If you need more detailed information, add a text box besides the histogram and inert description.

Try Edraw histogram maker to make more histograms of your own styles.

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