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This page gathers a group of well-created hierarchy diagram examples, aiming to give users inspiration when they create similar diagrams. All examples are allowed to download and edit.

Basic Website Hierarchy Structure

Below is a high level website hierarchy structure used in the planning phase for website building.

Website Hierarchy Structure Template

Human Resources Management Functional Hierarchy Diagram

This functional hierarchy diagram example is created using Edraw automatic organizational chart software. You can add shapes and connecting lines with a single click on the action button, and auto align the whole diagram by enabling Auto Layout button.

Hierarchy Diagram Feature

Website Hierarchy Diagram

This website hierarchy diagram, also known as website information architecture, can be created with Edraw fast and easily. You can download and edit this template for your own use.

Website Hierarchy Diagram Template

Organzitional Chart

Edraw offers an easy solution for making professional organizational charts. You can replace the photo, change the card style, auto connect the shapes with just one click.

Hierarchy Diagram

System Hierarchy Diagram

For software and system developers, creating an overall structure for the system in an indispensable step. This system hierarchy diagram is available in vector format. You can click the picture to download.

System Hierarchy Diagram Template

Group Buying Website Hierarchy Diagram

This website hierarchy diagram allows you to download and customize. With Edraw diagramming software, you can make different styles of hierarchy diagrams easily.

Group Buying Website Template

Customize a Ready-made Hierarchy Diagram Example

The fastest way to create a hierarchy diagram is customizing an existing template. Choose one of the downloadable hierarchy diagram examples, open it and replace the text with yours. The style, color and background are changeable. To have a detailed guide on how to create a hierarchy diagram, please click: video tutorial-how to make organizational diagram.

Download a free trial and see first-hand how quickly and easily you can create effective great-looking hierarchy diagrams.

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