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Gauges Chart

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019

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Creating gauges chart with free templates and examples. Gauges chart has never been easier.

Gauges Chart

A gauge chart shows much more than one value. It gives the minimum, the maximum, and the current value at lightning speed how far from the maximum you are (in milliseconds, without deciphering figures). Gauge charts are like a familiar metaphor, so easy to understand as you can see gauges everywhere - near your stove, ac, car, gaming console, etc. So, when you are preparing a chart to tell a point, a gauge chart can be very effective. Aircraft pilots heavily use gauge charts (Boeing and Airbus have made deep research, and still their "glass cockpit" are mainly made of circular and half-circular gauges). Doctors also use gauge charts, but linear ones (called thermometers).
Unfortunately Excel doesn't have a gauge chart as a default chart type; however, you can easily draw a gauge chart with gauges chart software in few steps.

Gauges Chart Software

Gauges Chart Maker

By using the pre-defined templates and shapes in Edraw, drawing a Gauge chart won't be difficult anymore. Simply input the data file and Edraw will automatically generate a Gauges professional-looking chart for you, which is very fast and convenient. You can apply custom-designed themes and can also export to PDF or a variety of other graphics formats just as easily.
Download Gauges Chart Software
Video Tutorial - How to Create a Gauges Chart

Gauges Chart Symbols

Gauge templates have many special shapes, circular gauge, linear gauge-process, linear gauge-slider, vertical linear, etc. It will be convenient and easy for you to draw the gauges diagrams with these shapes.

Gauges Chart Symbols

Basic Gauges Chart Knowledge

Gauges Chart Examples

Make a high level gauges chart without hassle by using this simple vector template.
How to Create a Gauges Chart

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