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How to Create an Effective Gauge Chart

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Are you confused about how to draw a gauge chart? Here are some guidelines which can be used to ease the process of creating an effective gauge chart.

Create a Gauge Chart

Video Tutorial - How to Create a Gauges Chart

Most of us don't know how to deal with gauge charts when we are novice users. But with the passage of time and experience, we gain expertise. A good gauge chart helps to understand the systematic flow of information in the business. You may get a better understanding about gauges chart by reading Basic Gauges Chart Knowledge.

Edraw gauges chart software includes some inbuilt gauge chart templates and examples which makes it very easy to use. You can easily visualize your data on computer and generate a gauge chart with quick click. It comes with various embedded features like smart drawing guide which makes mind mapping simple, supporting big size and multiple page mind map; inbuilt themes, effects, styles; automatic alignment; compatibility with MS office and PDF; being easy to share and much more. You can also make notes, attachment and build hyperlink.

Download our Free Gauge Chart Templates in Software Package to Use However You Like

How to Create a Gauge Chart

Import Data From a File

You need to follow only a few steps to draw an effective gauge chart from Edraw. Just drag a built-in gauge symbol from the library.

Then use the quick button to load data from a text file or Excel sheet.

The above gauge chart is using the following data:

Caption, Name, Value
Min Scale, Min, $100000
Max Scale, Max, $300000
Current Value, Sales Volume, $156840
First Zone, Basic, $150000
Second Zone, Target, $200000
Third Zone, Stretched, $250000
Fourth Zone, Perfect

To make it as easy as possible to create your first chart, change the data and save it to a text file. Then use one of the gauge chart symbols in the software to load the data.

NOTE: In the source data, the second and third column is user data. You need not to input the last range value because it's always the same as Max scale value.

Edit Shape Data

The second way to set gauge data is inputting data via floating menu.

By clicking Set Gauge Data item in the floating menu, you can input the Min Scale, Max Scale, Current Value, and you can also set the precision, units and scale number.

Set Gauge Data item

Click Set Range Number to set the range number.

Click Set Range Data to set every range value.

Modify Style

To change the color and license, you can click to select subshapes in the gauge chart. Then use the menu to set.

Modify Style in Gauge Chart

Export Gauge Chart

Edraw is compatible with MS office, easy to share with graphic format, PDF file, word, PowerPoint, Excel document and much more.

Open the File menu, then click the export item.

Steps to Make an Example Gauge Chart

Here is a user who wants to draw a gauges chart that the $0-30K range should be in RED, the 30-70K should be ORANGE, and the 70-200K range should be in GREEN. When Looking at this in sales numbers, if his employees have booked $75,000 out of $200,000 dollars, they are on the right track and their number will be Green. However, he tried many time but failed. I bet that you may meet the same problem, so we will show you how to achieve the desirable result.

First thing first, double click the option "gauge data", set the max scale"200", current value"75", unit "K".

Set Gauges Data

Second, show the legend on the bottom, and select the $0-30K range button on the legend, and click the quick color bar on the bottom of drawing page to change the range color. Repeat the step to change rest two range colors.

Change Gauges Range Color

The gauge chart that meets the user's requirement should be as follow:

Desirable Gauges

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