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Edraw includes a host of fruit clipart which are vector and editable. You can apply it to represent fruits when diagramming, making your diagram vivid and nice.

Edraw Fruit Clipart

Edraw's fruit clipart contains a wide range of vector pictures of fruits.

Clip Art - Food

All are well prepared in advance so that you just need to drag and drop them when needed. They are editable and well colored. You can enlarge them by dragging the green selection handles and rotate them by dragging the round control handle. It's easy to change the color scheme for the clip art in Edraw. You can even choose the sub-element in the clip art to recolor it.

zoom in clip art

These images can be applied in various fields when graphing. They can be inserted to other diagrams to make richer infographics. For example, several fruit clip arts can form a beautiful and funny worksheet. Here are some examples for your reference. Click the picture to download it for your own use.

Fruit Clipart Application Example 1

Fruit is nutrient-rich food that is indispensable in our daily life. When illustrating the significant benefits of fruits, you can insert some vivid clipart to make your presentation more attractive.

Benefits of Banana

Fruit Clipart Application Example 2

Fruit clipart can be used to make worksheets for easy and efficient study. Such worksheets will be of great help for students, especially for visual learners. Edraw has designed some well-formatted worksheets. Users can download and use them directly without any hassle. Click the image below for free download. Check out more application of fruit clipart in Tree Diagram: Categorization of Foods from the Perspective of Five Energies.

Fruit Worksheet

More Diagrams Consisting of Fruit Clipart

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