Different SIPOC Templates for Diversified Design

Usually one starts a SIPOC design from ready-made templates. This page offers presentation-quality SIPOC diagram templates that you can use freely.

Simple SIPOC Template

This template is easy to edit. Simply change the text with your own, and customize the appearance through the color bar. For each unit, you can easily change the item number through action button.

Simple SIPOC

SIPOC Diagram Software

SIPOC Template with Cross-Functional Flowchart Style

Swimlane flowchart is a great tool for creating SIPOC model. You can use five swimlanes to represent Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers respectively, then use flowchart symbols to represent the items in each part. This style owns an advantage that other types don't have - you can use connectors to illustrate the relationships between suppliers and inputs, customers and outputs intuitively.

SIPOC Swimlane

How to Create SIPOC Diagram

SIPOC Template - Classic Style

This is the most commonly used style for SIPOC designers. If you want to use this template, simply download and re-edit each part.


SIPOC Template with More Details on Process Part

If you have the need to present the process unit in detail, this template is best for you. You can even include a whole flowchart in the bottom block. It's in vector format and flexible enough to modify to fit your own needs.

SIPOC Detail

How to Customize SIPOC Diagram Templates

Download a free trial and see first-hand how quickly and easily you can create effective great-looking SIPOC diagrams.

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