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How to Create Context Diagrams via Edraw

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Using Edraw, you can create system context diagrams for your products and projects quite fast.

Building these diagrams in Edraw is fairly simple, consisting mostly of drag-and-drop operations. Experience this simple and fun drawing process without hassle now.

Getting Started

Start by building your project's foundation: the file itself and the entity shapes. Click the Home menu in Edraw and click the first button Create a New Page to create a blank new drawing page. Once the blank document is ready, open shape libraries you need. Click Open Libraries Open Librariesand choose the necessary category. A much easier way to get a head start is use System Context Diagram Templates.

Context Diagram Template

Adding Shapes to Form Elements of System Context Diagram

Your diagram will need boxes or other shapes to indicate an entity, operation or process that relates to your system. Drag shapes from Shape Library and place it to suitable location. Double click the shape to enter text. Select the shape and drag their selection or control handles to move, resize or rotate them.

Connect Shapes via Connector Tool

You'll need to connect shapes to one another. Click Connector tool to glue shapes. There are 4 types of connector as shown in the following picture. Read more about this in About Connectors.

Connector Tool

These connectors indicate how two entities interact. An arrow leading into an entity box indicates input, while outbound lines indicate output. Drag a connector between the endpoints of the two activity boxes you're connecting. You can add text describing each connector by double clicking the connector and typing the description, showing relationship between different entities.

Export System Context Diagrams

After finishing your diagram, you can choose to export it into a host of formats. This enables easier information share and enhances better collaboration among colleagues or partners. Do the followings to gain various versions of your diagram:
* Click File.
* Move down the pointer to select Export & Send.
* Select the format you need by clicking its title.
* Locate the place you want to save the diagram.
* Press Save.

Export Context Diagram

After you export the file, a dialogue box will pop up. It asks you whether to open it within the program. Hit Yes or No as you wish. If you hit Yes option, you can continue to edit the exported file directly.

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