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Create a Process Flow Diagram

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Posted by James Freeman | 06/30/2021
A Process Flow Diagram is a complex diagram needing a lot of effort to make, while a nice drawing tool is necessary to help ease the process. Edraw is definitely your best help to create intelligent process flow diagrams with high quality and less time.

Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram Example

What's a process flow diagram?

A ProcessFlowDiagramisaschematicillustrationcommonlyusedinchemicalandprocessengineeringtoshowthegeneralflowofprocessesandequipmentinaplant.Itshowsonlythemajorequipmentanddoesn't show minor details.

What information does a process flow diagram include?

1. In general, a process flow diagram includes process piping, major equipment, connections with other systems, control valves, major bypass and recirculation streams, and operational data.
2. All the major equipment in the process will be displayed on the diagram together with a description of the equipment.
3. All process flow streams will be shown with a number, together with a description of the process conditions and chemical composition of each stream.
4. All utility streams supplied to major equipment that provides a process function will be shown.
5. Basic control loops will be displayed to indicate the control strategy for operating the process.

How to Create a Process Flow Diagram

Process Flow Diagram Template

Start with the Exact Template

The Process Flow Diagram Template helps you easily create process flow diagrams using extensive built-in symbols. Open Edraw, find Process Flow Diagram template from Engineering Category on the starting page and double click to enter the drawing page. You will discover abundant symbols and easy-to-use tools available for process flow diagrams. Learn to make a process flow diagram here.

Use Standard Built-in Symbols

A large collection of standard symbols for process flow diagrams are provided by Edraw, including plenty of instrument shapes, indicator, odometer, pressure gauge, flowmeter, thermometer, shared indicator, temp transmitter, temp recorder, temp controller, flow indicator, flow transmitter, flow recorder, flow controller, level indicator, etc. All the symbols are in vector format and with high quality. Simply drag and drop the one you need from the library pane. If you would like to have a better knowledge about the symbol function, please go to Process Flow Diagram Symbols page to study more.

Process Flow Diagram Symbols

Basic Steps:

1. On the File menu, point to New, point to Engineering, and double click Process Flow Diagram template. A new drawing page will open.
2. Go to the library pane on the left of the canvas. From Equipment group, drag equipment shapes onto the canvas.
3. Use pipelines to connect the equipments.

  1. Drag a pipeline from the Connection Shape onto the drawing page. Position an endpoint with an equipment shape. Connection points (blue x) will appear on the equipment shape. You can connect with any connection point as you want. When the endpoint turns red, it means it's glued to the equipment shape. Note: If you need, connection point can be created through Connection Point Tool under Home tab.
  2. Drag the other endpoint to another equipment shape as above.
  3. Pipeline style is changeable if you need a special line weight or arrow direction. Go to Home tab Line button to set the pipeline style.
PFD Connection
4. You can add valves and instruments in the same way.
5. Rotate a shape through the rotation handle when it's selected.
6. Reposition a shape by dragging it to the required place.
7. Add data to a component by double clicking on it.

Print: When a process flow diagram is done, it's easy to print and share with more people. On the file menu, point to Print to set for print options. You can change settings with fewer clicks and see the print preview in real time.

Export: Edraw offers support for exporting your diagram to various formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, and many other graphic formats. On the File menu, point to Export & Send for Export options.

Below are More Features Making Edraw the Best Process Flow Diagram Software:

  1. Edraw has built in a set of nice looking themes with advanced effects. It's easy to change the whole diagram by changing the active theme with just a few clicks. You don't have to be professional in designing.
  2. All Edraw documents are vector graphic files with high clarity and available for reviewing and modifying.
  3. A set of smart tools are provided for automatic formatting. You can easily arrange, rotate, group and align objects with these smart tools.
  4. Edraw offers various customization options, using which you can adjust line width, line color, line style, font size, font style, text color, and much more.
  5. It's easy to add photos, images and edit text fields.
Here is a complete example of process flow diagram created by Edraw.


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