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How to Create a Fault Tree

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 11/21/2019
Choose a great tool to create fault tree diagrams in the fastest way. Using predefined symbols to draw is definitely an easy method.

How to Prepare to Create a Fault Tree

Before mapping the fault tree, there is some necessary preparatory work. It is just like grinding the ax, which will improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Define the undesired event to be analyzed (the focus of the FTA).
  2. Define the boundary of the system (the scope of the FTA).
  3. Define the basic causal events to be considered (the resolution of the FTA).
  4. Define the initial state of the system (the basic events of the FTA).

Here is an illustration of the general steps to create a fault tree diagram.

Fault Tree Creation Steps

Steps to Draw Fault Tree

Edraw's fault tree diagram software makes fault tree analysis easier, because its auto generation helps create diagrams quickly. You start by selecting the fault tree analysis stencil that includes all the standard symbols needed and then simply insert your information. Follow these simple steps to draw an amazing fault tree diagram.

  1. Start Edraw. -> Point to New. -> Choose Business Diagram.
  2. Double click the icon of Fault Tree Analysis in the Templates pane.

Open Fault Tree Library

  1. The necessary stencil will open along with a blank canvas.
  2. For users' convenience, the libraries of Callouts and Arrow Shapes are also opened. (Refer to article: Fault Tree Symbols for more detailed illustrations of symbology - the building blocks of fault tree.)
  3. Drag shapes from the libraries pane to the blank canvas. When you are dragging more than one shape to the canvas, some dynamic grids will appear automatically. Through these grids, you can see whether shapes are aligned and spaced evenly.
  4. Dynamic Grids

  5. Connect shapes by using the auto connection function. You can also press Ctrl + Shit + 4 to activate Straight Connector quickly. (Note: to find out the shortcut of a certain function, move the cursor over relevant button and then the dynamic help will show its keyboard shortcut.)
  6. Connector

  7. Align and distribute shapes. -> Apply a suitable theme.

Done. No other tool offers you so easy solution. Only several minutes are necessary to make a professional-looking diagram thanks to the automation function. Try it yourself.

Build Fault Tree from Templates

Needless to say, the simplest way to create fault tree is to edit a well-designed template. With everything well-formatted, you just need to replace the contents. Check out some amazing fault tree templates below.

Aircraft Crash Fault Tree
Employee Turnover Fault Tree
Engine Fan Fault Tree
Aircraft Crash
Fault Tree
Employee Turnover
Fault Tree
Engine Fan Fault Tree

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