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Create Vector Clipart

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
You can get free, high quality vector clipart here. Apply clipart to make infographic diagrams and enrich your presentation. You can also draw clipart on your own.

Apply Predefined Clipart

To satisfy users' needs as much as possible, over 8000 vector shapes are elaborately predefined. They are in vector format allowing infinite enlargement while keeping high clarity. Users can combine, divide or modify these shapes to create their desired clipart.

Here are some screenshots of the built-in clipart. Follow these simple TWO steps to apply predefined clipart.

  1. Click the Libraries button and choose the Illustrations library.
  2. Drag the preferable shape to the location you want to place it and then release the mouse.

Draw Clipart

There is a set of tools for more drawing needs in Symbols menu. You can draw straight lines, arc lines, spiral, rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval, polygon and star shapes as you like. In addition, you can design any shape by using pencil tool or pen tool.

Basic Knowledge about Pen Tool

*Click Pen Tool icon under Symbols tab to activate pen tool.
*Click on the place you want to start drawing.
*Move the mouse to draw straight lines. Drag to draw curve lines.
*When you are drawing straight lines, click on the place where you want to add an anchor. When you are drawing curve lines, release the mouse to add anchors.
*Click on the starting point again to deactivate pen tool. (A closed shape is drawn in this way.)

*Click on other area and right click to deactivate pen tool. (An open shape is made in such way.)
*Use Move Anchor command to change anchor position.
*Choose Add Anchor to add anchors on the lines of the shape you have drawn. And use Delete Anchor tool to delete anchors you don't need.
*To switch between angle and arc, click Convert Anchor and drag the anchor.

Pencil Tool

Using pencil tool is just like drawing on paper with a real pencil. The path is exactly the way you move the cursor. Click Select icon to close pencil tool.

Application of Clipart

The clipart can be applied in various fields. For example, they can form flash cards, worksheets and other kind of teaching and learning materials. They can also be used in various graphics for web, presentations, and prints etc. See some examples below.

Flash Cards Made with Clipart

Worksheet Made with Clipart

Other Diagrams Enhanced by Clipart

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