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How to Create Striking Checklist

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Want to learn how to make presentation quality checklists? This introductory tutorial covers how to create a checklist using Edraw.

A checklist is a list of items you need to check, verify or inspect. It's used to help remember crucial tasks or track schedule. From the passage below, you will learn lots of tricks and skills to make visually attractive checklists.

1. Start a Checklist Drawing Page

Under "Business Diagram" category, double click "Lists" icon to open a blank page.

Create Checklist

2. Find Useful Symbols for Checklist

To open a symbol library, click the "Library" button.

Open Library

Most Commonly Used Libraries for Making Checklist:

Basic Drawing Shapes (from General category)
Common Shapes (from General category)
Highlight Shapes (from General category)
List Shapes (from Business Diagram category)
Check Box (from Marketing Shapes)

3. How to Use the Symbols

a. Use Action Button on Dynamic List Shape:

Most of the list shapes have dynamic features to help quickly format the shape.

List Shape Action Button

b. Use Control Handle on Basic Drawing Shape:

Use Control HandleChange Size

c. Use Equally Spaced Line Symbol

Equally Spaced Lines

3. How to Use the Basic Tools

a. Use Align and Distribute Tool:

Through align and distribute buttons, you can easily create perfectly aligned and distributed check boxes. These two buttons are located under Home tab.

Align and Distribute

b. Use a Table Tool:

Usually the most commonly seen checklists are created with table. Through the "Table" button under "Insert" tab, you can inserta table easily just as the way Microsoft Word does.

Insert Table

c. Use Quick Styles:

Use Quick Style gallery and Theme gallery to make your checklist with polished looking.

Use Theme

3. How to Add Text

You can add text anywhere on your drawing by using the Text button. Click the "Text" button, and your cursor will be activated to text mode. Now you can a text box anywhere on the canvas. The text box and text could be edited.

Add Text

Checklist Examples:

Below are simple examples showing the delightful results Edraw has achieved, and they are completed in just a few minutes.

1. Shopping List

Shopping List

2. Fairy Tales Checklist

Fairy Tales Checklist

Various Checklist Templates for Quick Start

Checklist Software

Birthday Party Checklists

Wedding Day Checklist

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