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Printable birthday party planning checklists for instant download. Get ready-made party checklist, party planner, guest list, and menu list to save your time and make a successful birthday party.

Birthday Party Checklist - Things to Prepare at the Optimum Time

Plan the party earlier, don't leave everything to the last minute. Usually you can start planning and preparing 6-8 weeks ahead of the birthday party. To be a successful birthday party coordinator, you need to have a checklist at hand to keep track of the important things. Like the one below, it covers most of the bases for a birthday party, from 6 weeks before the party to the day of the party. Have a look.

Birthday Party Checklist

Download this Birthday Party Checklist Template for PDF or EDDX

It's Better to Have a Separated Guest List

List out the guests who you will invite. Record the names who haven't responded and call them to confirm 1week before the party. Don't forget to keep track of the gifts and you can write thank you card to them.

Birthday Party Guest List

Download this Guest List Template for PDF or EDDX

Food Menu Checklist Template is Indispensable

For At-Home birthday parties, serving nice food is a crucial project. A lot of things you need to consider, such as what flavor the guests are prefer? How much food should be prepared? Will you cook or order from food shop? Which food could be prepared ahead? Decide a complete food menu from the appetizers, salads, drinks to main dishes and desserts, and shop for the food or material accordingly.

Birthday Party Menu Checklist

Download this Menu Checklist Template for PDF or EDDX

General Birthday Party Planner Template

If you are trying to make everything on one paper, then use a general planner. It contains the basic party information such as the date, time, location and theme, and also includes a simple guest list, menu list and shopping list. This free printable birthday party planner will make sure everything is prepared to make a wonderful birthday party.

Birthday Party Planner

Download this Birthday Party Planner Template for PDF or EDDX

Checklist Maker

Edraw enables users to create style and polished checklists way easier than Microsoft Word does. Firstly, a wide variety of vector symbols are readily available in the library, which you can drag and drop to use. Secondly, many quick start templates help you start fast, and sometimes with only a few minor changes on the existing templates, you can get a nice checklist you want. Thirdly, lots of themes with advanced effect and color schemes save you much time to make professional quality design. Last but not least, you can export the checklist to up to 17 formats, including PDF, PPT, PNG and lots more.

Checklist Maker

An Easy Checklist Maker

More Checklist Templates

How to Make Checklist

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