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CRC card, as a viable alternative to UML sequence diagram, can be easily created with our CRC card software. It's widely used in object-oriented analysis modeling, and object interaction and collaboration design.

What is the CRC card?

Generally, CRC represents class responsibility collaboration. The CRC card is a set of standard index cards, and each card illustrates a class. CRC cards are proposed firstly by Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck to design object-oriented software. The top column is the class name while the left side below the class name is the responsibilities of class, and on the right side are collaborators with which this class interacts to fulfill its responsibilities.

A CRC Card Making software

Making a CRC card is not difficult if you choose an effective software. With our CRC card maker, you can easily draw tables with custom sizes for columns and rows, and apply whatever color you want. Also, the easy dragging and dropping ability allows you to apply built-in symbols in minutes. When finish, you can export the CRC card to commonly used file formats like PDF, Word, PPT, Html, PNG, etc.

CRC card software

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CRC Card Software for Windows Mac Version Linux Version

The Features Let you Create Any CRC Card

CRC Card Basic Example

Below is a CRC card collection example. Cllick the image and download the original template for any uses.

CRC Card Template

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