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Complete Venn Diagram Guide

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Posted by James Freeman | 09/16/2021
A complete Venn diagram guide or tutorial can help you better understand Venn diagrams. So you could make full use of this guide to know more about Venn diagrams.

Venn diagrams use circles to represent sets, and the position and overlap of the circles indicate the relationships between the sets. Venn diagrams are commonly used in the teaching work to help students analyze complex relationships between two or more things.

The Definition of Venn Diagram

Venn diagram is an illustration that uses overlapping or non-overlapping circles to show the relationship between a finite collection of sets.  When the circles overlap, it means that the items in the overlapped circles have something in common. Someone even refers to Venn diagrams as the overlapping circles charts or double bubbles charts. 

Venn Diagram Example

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Application of Venn Diagram

When it comes to making comparisons between groups of things and sorting out imformation, Venn diagrams can be very helpful. At the same time, Venn diagrams are usually used in solving math problems and act as an important tool in K-12 Education since analyzing Venn diagrams requires to think logically.

The Venn diagram is a great tool to illustrate relationships, clarify concepts and facilitate communication, therefore they are also used frequently in many other disciplines, not just in math.

Let's see how to use a Venn diagram to solve a math problem. Of the people in Lily's neighborhood, 4 have been to New York and 6 people have been to Los Angeles. Besides, 2 people have been to both New York and Los Angeles. How many people have been to New York but not to Los Angeles?

Using Venn Diagram

A Brief History of Venn Diagram

The Venn diagram gets its name from the British mathematician John Venn. In 1880, John published his paper entitled "On the Diagrammatic and Mechanical Representation of Propositions and Reasonings." And this work has ultimately secured his position as the namesake of Venn diagrams.

Venn Diagram Example

However, the term "Venn diagram" didn't appear until Clarence Irving Lewis used it in his book A Survey of Symbolic Logic, which was published in 1918.

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Examples of Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram uses intersecting circles to illustrate the similarities and differences between groups. The similarities are represented by the intersecting areas of the circles, while the differences are represented by the non-intersecting areas of the circles.

Venn Diagram Example

4 Steps to Make a Venn Diagram

Although it is convenient to use Venn diagrams to clarify things, drawing Venn diagrams by hand is not that easy. But, with the help of Venn diagram maker, Edraw Max, you can draw a Venn diagram quickly and correctly. Let me show you how to use Edraw Max to create a Venn diagram.

Firstly, you need to download and open Edraw Max.

Secondly, you could choose a Venn diagram shape you like from the Edraw Library as the basic structure of your Venn diagram.

Select Venn Shape

Thirdly, you can just drag and drop the Venn diagram shape you have chosen onto the drawing page and double click each circle to edit the text in the Venn diagram.

Edit Venn Diagram Text

If you want to delete or add a circle in your Venn diagram, you can find the floating button which is around the buttom of the top circle and click "Delete a Circle" or "Add a Circle".

Find Venn Diagram Floating Button

If you click "Show Center", the center circle will appear as the picture below shows.

Show Venn Diagram Center

Finally, you can modify the features or themes of your Venn diagram in Edraw Max to make it look more attractive.

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