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Here is a free collection of vector kids sports clipart which include different kinds of activities such as running, playing basketball, swimming, hurdling and so on. You can also find cheerleader girls in the preset clipart library.

Vector Kids Sports Clipart Library

Team sports help kids to improve both mental and physical toughness including accountability, dedication, leadership and a sense of friendliness. There are lots of sports activities for kids to choose from, for example, football matches and daily running etc. Use Edraw Max now to drag and drop various kids sports clipart on your drawing board to finish your creation!

kids sports clipart

Free download Edraw Max to try free kids sports clipart:

Personalize Kids Sports Clipart

You can choose to do the following to edit the default kids sports clipart: change size, switch colors, rotate shapes, send a clipart to the background, use the auto-create tool to try different themes, add your own clipart into the preset resources library etc. All of these options can be done within just a few clicks.

edit kids sports clipart

Kids Sports Clipart Examples

You can use kids sports clipart images to create many daily activities such as football matches, basketball matches, school sports meeting and more.

kids sports clipart example football match

Don't worry if you are a design beginner, since Edraw Max offers you many easy editing functions that are similar to use Microsoft Word. Have a try right now then you would gonna love it!

clipart example running race

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